Monday madness!

Back to my blog after a hiatus! Actually my internet connection has been acting all whacky! SO I was feeling so helpless without my internet all weekend. However one good thing that came out of the whole situation was that my eyes fell less strained.

Well Monday morning’s a sight to watch in our house . I swear i have no idea where the time runs in the morning, I try to be really organized but I am always on the edge and have to rush. So what happened today you ask? everything went as planned. I got up, cooked BRK, showered early without being lazy and peeked out of the window to see if the car needed some time to heat up. Nope everything looked fine! So I arranged everything and DOT at 8.30 I was out of the house for the 9.05 am class. I can reach school safely in 20 minutes without driving like crazy, so you can understand 35 minutes early was like way too good! I approach my car and I am trying to unlock the car (I have a manual door lock) but the lock was frozen and just refused to budge. I thought there was some problem with the key so I tried the spare key and also the passenger side. But NO! what the hell was happening .I battled with the stupid thing for almost 15 minutes. So now you can imagine I almost crossing the safe time zone. I called the Husband and he said he was on his way and that he would drop me off at school. After a while the passenger side opened, I wiggled inside and called the husband and told him not to come. Then another nightmare! among all of this I failed to realize that actually there was a layer of frosting on the car!!! uggghhhh! i waited for it to defrost for another five minutes. By now I knew I was going to be late for class so what’s the point in rushing I just drove my way with ease. I met one of my friend at the garage and we walked to the class together, to save ourselves the embarrassment.

Enough of that!  after class I came back home to eat whole wheat pita with a morning star ginger teriyaki patty and some fillers. Also some fat free strawberry yogurt and an orange. I was full and started cooking  dinner! Once I completed that, I was back to school for my 2.30 pm class. I came back home after the class, had my blueberry smoothie and off to the gym for a 45 minute walk at 3.8 mph. i covered a distance of 2.86 miles and burned about 250 calories. Post workout I had the leftover smoothie.

For dinner I had some yummy WW egg noodles with cream of mushroom soup+ brocolli+ peas ( mixed all of these together)img_1455and a few bites of the Husbands’ mushroom burger on whole wheat sandwich thins with Jalapenos. Yummmmyyy!


Now I am done  with the residual cleaning and I am off to study, before I am off to sleep!!

Nighty night!!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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