Is it just me?

Okay at the same time again today my body started urging me to move and get those shoes tied and enjoy the last of the beautiful weather we’ll be having here for the next few days. Inspite of being well into my presentation making, I decided this needed attention as well cuz well for there has been very few times, that my body actually urges me to go to do some activity.

I went thru the same trail again and basked in the beautiful weather outside. There were many people today, the only small little glitch was that it was windy and I was walking against it. I though it would actually throw me back. After a few minutes it stopped! Here’s my workout detail.

Now to one bad habit that I have. When i do something new, I feel the whole world is watching me. I tend to make a lot more mistakes when i think that people are watching me. Like today there was this group of Mom’s who were sitting by some swing across the trail and commenting over the people going by. Now considering my complexity I really wasn’t thinking about going there. But then something struck on my mind, why should I worry about such people, it is their decision if they want to sit and laugh on others. I mean they were beautiful women with really unhealthy bodies and i guess it is their own self image complexity that was making them do such things. Today’s inspiration was an elderly woman who was walking briskly, happily and radiantly smiling at all walkers and joggers along the way! I let the thought of others watching me stay out of my mind and continued with my walk!

Did you ever experience such people and how should I get this feeling out of my mind?  Is it just me?


I had the most yummy and power boosting workout this morning. I ate Quaker granola with 2% reduced milk and banana. Alongside I had a Mango lassi from Jenna’s e- cookbook! The version id vegan but I made the dairy version.

This was one powerful breakfast


Lunch was a Morning star farms Italian herb chik patties on a WW arnold sandwich thin. Oh i spread some Coconut chutney!


In the side were some peppercorn Ranch sun chips.

Snack 1:



Snack 2:

peach yogurt with some granola


Dinner: Annie’s WW mac and cheese with some broiled Asparagus. I bulked the Mac and cheese with some red peppers and topped both of them with a kiss of Red chili flakes.




Off to sleep,



About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Love your positive attitude! =)
    And ooh, I want to try Annie’s mac and cheese!

  2. I get self conscious too…it’s best to just try not to worry what others think, although I know it’s so hard. I find music helps me focus.

  3. Don’t worry about what the others think of you-it’s a total waste of time, because most of the time THEY are worrying about what YOU think of them too! ha!

  4. I used to get that awkward “people are watching me” feeling. Once I get better at an activity or I have a cute workout outfit I tend to think that people are looking at me in a good way. Most of the time I just focus on what I’m doing and rarely find time to wonder about what others are thinking. Have you tried listening to some tunes to “zone” out?

    • priyankalovesfood

      Yes Melissa I am a music freak and I really like what you said, I should just shut my mind and focus on what I am doing.


  5. I get like that too when I would go out dancing with friends.. but it gets exhausting so I try not to care anymore and realize that if i just let loose and have some fun, people around me do too!!

    Hope youre having a wonderful week!! love your blog!!

  6. eatlivelovedream

    Very healthy eats! I love your dinner plate! Where did you get it at?

  7. cleanveggiex3

    LOVE your lunch. morningstar veggie burgers are the best!
    oh and I can’t forget about my favorite mac ‘n cheese!! awesome eats

  8. I think you are right, when people feel the need to make fun of others, it is their own insecurities coming out. I try not to get too self-conscious about what others think, but I know sometimes it is hard.

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