Lacking focus

Hello all! Hope everyone had a productive Saturday. I did not honestly I have not studied much today and it is really killing me inside because I had to-do ed a lot of stuff for today. I am just not in that study groove. I usually go through this phase every three months and sadly this one has come just before exams. I hope I tide over this!

Today I planted some of the seeds that I got from Kashmir, India. I had been to this beautiful place, on my trip to India last year. Let me just say one simple thing, the place is simply beautiful. For a flower lover like me it was paradise.

So I got some seeds from there and planted them today.

I just hope that they turn out well! I have five of them but I planted only two…See I wasn’t studying I was gardening instead. Ah..where is my focus?

Onto the eats:

Breakfast: 2 egg white omelets stuffed with spinach and peppers + Cantaloupe and strawberries

Mid morning: Clif Z bar

Lunch: Even though I wasn’t in the mood to study, I was not in the mood to cook either. So the Husband made his famous chick pea curry. I had it with some Dal+ rice+ pappadum

Evening Snack: Some kashi vanilla squares with strawberry and milk.

Dinner: It was Sandwich night tonight I, made two types of SW’s.


WW bread and layers:

Cilantro chutney (spread on one bread slice)




Tomato ketchup (spread on second bread slice)

SW 2:

WW bread with layers:

Cilantro chutney (spread on one bread slice)


Veggie burger


Hummus (spread on second bread slice)

Both of them were yummy!

Recipe for Cilantro chutney:


Bunch of cilantro

2 tbsp peanuts (You can use any brand or type)

1 T lemon juice


2 chilies

2 garlic cloves

Just grind them together in a food processor. The consistency is something like a pesto.

Now I am finally off to study and achieve something all night!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Oh, my friend just got back from India a couple of weeks ago! And he told me how much fun it was. I want to go! =) Plus, there is an abundance of delicious food! And that is so neat to plant those seeds!

    Yum yum on the delicious sandwiches!

  2. Your omelette looks perfect! Mine always turn a bit scrambled 🙂 The chick pea curry looks fabulous too.

  3. can our husband come cook for me? that chick pea curry looks freaking awesome!

  4. CHOC CHIP ZBARS are the best! GReat sammies too! 😀

  5. Good luck with the seeds you planted. I hope they sprout.

    You veggie burger sammie sounds great!

  6. angiesappetite

    You’ll have to keep us updated on your flower seeds!

    When I was in school, I found every imaginable thing to do OTHER than study….go to the gym, go to the coffee shop, scrub my toilets…..etc.

    Have a great Sunday!

  7. You sandwich platter looks FANTASTIC!! What kind of veggie burger do you use? Hope your plants turn out!!

  8. Keep us posted about the flowers 🙂
    BTW,don’t you miss your parents during exam study days-I remember getting pampered to the T by them!

  9. Keep us posted about the flowers 🙂
    BTW,don’t you miss your parents during exam study days-I remember getting pampered to the T by them!
    Good luck with the exams 🙂

  10. love the sandwiches! – my fave add-in – AVACADO! yumyumyum 😉

  11. Those sandwiches sound so good! : )

    Good luck studying!!

  12. sandwich and cilantro chutney looks yumm!!!!

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