Thursday’s eats!!

Hello all!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thursday! Yahoo tomorrow is Friday!!

I nailed the combination of the green monster for my taste buds today. It was yummy.

The Mix:



1 cup frozen fruits: Honey dew, peach, pineapple

1/4 cup almond breeze



This was perfect and so fresh! I am making this again tomorrow!

I had no MMS, my GM surprisingly held me pretty well until lunch.

Lunch was last night’s left over Sugar snap peas with soba noodles. I am adding the pictures that I took last night instead of today’s, because it is better.


At about 2 pm I was hungry again, so I had this Nutrigrain bar. Not very healthy but it was the only choice I had.


Then I sipped this Vanilla caramel truffle tea all afternoon.


I don’t know this evening I was craving sweet too much, I tried and subsided it by eating one of these bars again.


Dinner was a comfort meal: Brown lentil dal with some rice, pappadums and pickle.


Now i am off to speak to my Mom on skype. Yay!

See Y’all tomorrow!


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My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. I really wanna try making dahl myself sometime. I have a bag of black lentils to use! did you make that yourself? it looks sooo good!

  2. Never tried spinach with banana-looks good though 🙂

  3. angiesappetite

    That sounds like a great combo for a green monster…I think I’ll have to try that combination this weekend- I need to put spinach on my shopping list. have a great weekend!

  4. Well at least the nutri-grain bar has more whole grains 😉 and really not that bad of a choice. BTW I love those trail mix bars.

  5. Your dinner looks fantastic!! Love your type of comfort food 🙂

  6. I love anything with banana!! Your smoothie looks bananarific! hah.

    I’m about to find out where you live so I can show up for dinner because your meals always look soooo good! hahaha. I’m still dying to try that curry recipe but I just havent had the time yet. super sad face!!!

    I hope you are feeling better from your headache and have a very lovely friday!!!

    • I am in Knoxville, TN. So if you ever come around here, drop by and be my guest! Then I can serve the curry myself!! :~)))

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