Good evening all, it is so good to be back from the madness of academic life and be back to what I love so much and miss it when I am away- Blogging! Each day when I put down my thoughts and hear back from you guys it makes me so so happy and lightens up my face. I apologize for being out of action for the past two days. Two reasons for this:
  • Comcast was totally down in our neighborhood because of the thunderstorm that hit this Friday! I have no idea about the intensity but I gather that it was a little  heavy as some of the tree trunks had fallen off.
  • and secondly I was in the lab finishing off my rotation work until 8pm and was too tired to even look at the computer after that!
So let me begin with todays eats and activities:
First I have to show you guys this Tee that I won for a contest over at Danica’s Daily . I received it in the mail in the first week of June but never showed you guys. here it is ,
Thanks Danica , I’ll be trying it on soon!
So I began my day with some egg white scramble on toast with my latest fav Pumpkin butter+ peanut butter combo on toast with some strawberries

After the breakfast the husband and I were just lazing around and at 1pm I met my friends over at Lunch at Ruby Tuesday! There is no picture, but I ate the garden veggie salad from the salad bar with some buffalo chicken mini sandwiches. I ate the whole salad and just one SW and the chicken from the other SW.
After the lunch, our hands itched and it was time to do some spending.
I got this cute summery top and a white shrug!!
After this we just roamed around and then it was time to try some bathing suits. Although I knew I wasn’t going to buy one right now, it was nice to try it and get a reality check!

Once we had no energy left, we departed and it was time to pick up the husband and go grocery shopping!!
For dinner tonight I made some grilled eggplant coated with pesto and spanish brown rice!
On the side was some Aam ( Mango) ras( Puree) . It is typically eaten with some puri that is literally a fried Indian flat bread! It is yummy but again it is fried. So the husband ate with plain Indian flat bread/ Roti
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I squeezed in 25 minutes of Ab sculpt and some core exercise after returning from grocery shopping!
It is pretty late but I knew I had to blog today!
I’ll see you guys tomorrow! GN!

About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. What ab sculpt program do you do? Great loot you won and cute shirt! Oh, yah the food looks delicious like always! Happy Sunday!

    • Yasmin~ I am doing one of these Hip Hop abs DVDs! It has a total body burn DVD, a Hip buns and thighs and a ab sculpt DVD!

  2. the hungry girl rocks shirt is sooo cute 🙂

  3. Great outfit!! I need to go clothes shopping, bad. I made grilled eggplant yesterday too 🙂 I didn’t use pesto, but I’ve had it with pesto and it’s excellent. I just used olive oil, garlic, and pepper, yum!

  4. Love the new blue shirt – gorgeous!

  5. That eggplant looks heavenly! I’ve never seen a dish like that before – genius!

    CUTE new shirt!! Boo to Comcast – my Internet has been acting up a lot lately as well!

  6. Cute shirt! Oh and your dinner looks delicious! I love that eggplant, yum. That’s no fun about Comcast–I’m glad it’s fixed now!

  7. Ick, sorry to hear about the late nights. Must be exhausting.

    So need to try that pesto!

    Oooo PB + pumpkin butter sounds so yummy.

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