day so far!


Hope the start of the long weekend is treating all you guys well! I had a sensational day today so far.As I have mentioned on various occasions previously that I am a total late night person and getting up early in the morning for me is nothing short than an ordeal. But things were different today. I had to get up early this morning as I had a 10 minute work at the lab and I had to be there at 6.30 am.

Before leaving I snacked on a banana. My stomach was growling!


So I was awake early went to the university and came back home. But unlike what I would normally do I decided to stay up and started doing the normal chores around the house. I opened the patio door and let the surprisigly cool summer air in. It was beautiful, the apartment was radiating with the morning sunshine. I cleaned the house and started on breakfast with the husband. We ate breakfast and chatted! I still can’t believe what a beautiful  morning I had!

Here’s my Berry good breakfast!

Berries + Granola with FAGE yogurt!


In the bowl:

  • FAGE Greek yogurt
  • Nature’s Path Flax Granola
  • Kashi HoneySunshine
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • carob chips

Yumminess personified!

I slowly enjoyed the bowl and then showered quickly for my dentist appointment. They did the packing again and said that its healing pretty well!

Mid Morning I snacked on a Peach and a Mozzarella stick.This was my first time trying cheese stix and I was not very happy. First the stick refused to come out of the plastic wrapper and second it was too chewy. My jaw hurts!



What a great day this has been, it got me motivated to go to the gym!

2o mins- Elliptical

20 mins Stationary Bike


Pasta salad and get this I got white pasta accidentally. I did not realize it until i cooked it for lunch today! Yikes!


with some diet Mountain dew


and Fage with strawberry and granola



Did you guys check out Caitlin’s and Kath’s strength routine challenge. I think it is amazing and I am definitely trying it every day! At least I’ll make an attempt!

see y’all later!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Pasta salad = summer!! Glad you enjoyed your morning! Mornings are my ‘me’ time so I love them 🙂

    Glad the chompers are doing well and healing up nicely!!

  2. haha, a bit of white pasta won’t kill you…it still has plenty of nutrients! It looks good anyway!
    I’m glad you had a beautiful morning with your hubby! 🙂

  3. Lovely breakfast! And carob chips are so yummy 😀 Your pasta salad looks so delicious! Have a wonderful day today 🙂

  4. mm your pasta salad looks delicious 😀
    have a great day!!

  5. Looks like you gave your body healthy fuel after that early start! I’m sure your tummy was happy with you afterward!

  6. angiesappetite

    Beautiful day of eating!!

    Glad you had a great day. Have a great weekend!

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