Shopping, Pizza and show thoughts!

Evening Girlies!

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday, mine was relatively peaceful considering this is the last week of my rotation and every idea has to be applied when things are going to end and also all possible mistakes have to occur now!

Tomorrow is a big day.

  • My current project reaches its climax and after that is just analyzing the data. But tomorrows outcome is important
  • I’ll be discussing about my Potential PhD dissertation project with my potential advisor. I am really nervous about that.
  • And on the lighter side, I’ll be attending my friends Bachelorette party.

I fueled my morning with this cereal mix:


1/4 cup Cheerios

1/4 cup granola

1/4 cup Kashi Honey sunshine

some chocolate chips

2% milk


Some Iced coffee to wake me up!


A salad from the UC. No pic sorry!

This afternoon on returning back from the lab, I picked up these things that were on sale at TJ maxx! I actually went to browse through the dresses for a wedding on Saturday. I did like a plum colored dress but I am thinking about it!


The loot:

2 leafy plates


Red spatula

Lunch bag


I came home to satisfy my tummy with this snack in the new bowl:

  • 1/4 cup chobani
  • blueberries
  • choco chips
  • Trail mix

I then had to return back to the lab for a minute work.

Dinner was solo again:


I made some Pizza with the multigrain bread from fresh Market. This dinner hit the spot. I paired it with some leftover tomato soup, but did not end up having it. The pizza was totally yummy!


Along side some Diet coke!


Did you watch the show More to love on Fox tonight? What do you think about it?

I like the idea that they are projecting reality and trying to show that the world is not size 2. But on the other hand I did not like some contestants commenting about skinny women. I mean come on nothing in life comes easily. If people are fit they really bust their a$$! They work hard, sweat and run! I really understand it is not easy and this is coming from someone like me who is trying really hard to lose weight. I see fit girls around the blogs/fitness center/ school who are trying to improve their body to not look good on the outside but to make themselves stronger from inside and prevent ill health in the future as much as possible!

Please guys don’t take me wrongly if I got a lil crazy!

What is your definition of fitness? Is it outer oomph or the inner strength?

Hope you guys have a good night and a great day tomorrow!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Oh I think fitness includes both, inner and outer strength!

    Great TJmaxx purchases, I love buying lots of stuff (that I can use) for cheap!

    I hope the meeting with your potential adviser goes well. I know what it’s like to be in that situation, so I will you all the luck in the world!

  2. Hey girl- my goodness do you have a lot going on right now! I bet you will have a BIG sigh of relief when all this craziness is over!! Love the leaf plates- adorable. And a great dinner. I’m with gina, fitness is both! And I think you need to throw some agility and endurance in there!

  3. I am loving that cereal bowl! Cheerios + chocolate chips?! Nice!! I bet that would be good with all the cheerio varieties too (banana nut + chocolate or the yogurt covered ones + chocolate).

    LOVE the buys! I haven’t seen that show but after hearing a lot of reviews, I don’t think I’ll be watching. Have fun at the bachelorette party!!

  4. Good luck with your big day! I think fitness is really about how you feel (though the outer oomph is always a nice bonus!).

  5. You made me hungry for cereal!!! MMM!

  6. Your cereal combo is great!

    Good luck with the advisor, hope everything goes well.

    I did watch More to Love. My hubby thought it was an awful premise for a show. My thoughts are that it’s great for plus sized women to have their own reality dating show. My biggest problem was the posting of their weight. It’s not a weight loss show, so why is it so important to point out their height and weight? So instead of it being a dating show, I think it is made more into a show for people to gawk at. Does that make sense?

  7. Fitness starts from the inner to the outer, if you know what I mean!
    Ooh! Great buys! I LOVE the leafy plates!

  8. have fun at your friends bacholerette party!!!
    mm love your pizza!

  9. Chocolate chips in Cheerios is pretty genius! It might be a dangerous combination for me though.
    This is a weird compliment but I like your leaf plate. Where did you find it? Very cool.

  10. I love your plates!!! So cute!! I personally don’t like the idea of that show. It seems like the network is making fun of them. Also, I don’t think being overweight should be glamorized. I like shows like Biggest Loser where the contestants TAKE OFF the weight. It’s just not healthy being the size those women are…. and it’s worse the way they are treated by the show. I didn’t watch it but I was told their weight and height was posted under their name. Is that necessary?? Great question though!!

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