Hate Packing!

I hate packing. It is so boring but I have to do it. We did some shopping for the husband this evening.Now I have to do some for myself tomorrow!

Since Hawaii is super expensive, we have to plan some of our meals at the condo itself! The condo is equipped with a good kitchen, so that will help!

My question is can you suggest some good, quick, easy on the go lunch ideas? I am thinking the American classics PB & J and cheese SWs! Apples for snacks!

Since the flight from Chicago to Maui will be super long and no meals will be served, we will have to plan some in flight lunches too!

So my eats after Lunch!

One confession, I cannot make something as simple as Microwave popcorn.I always burn it. It is better today but it always has to burn! YIKES



So I snacked on these and went shopping for the husband!

We were starving on our way back home, so we decided to stop by Subway. I enjoyed a Veggie Delite. The husband loves the sweet onion dressing, he will never listen to me and just go ahead and order this dressing.



I’ll be doing some more packing and then ZZZZZ!

See you tomorrow!!



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  1. Ha, I’m good at burning popcorn too!! haha. Maybe that just means it’s too simple for us ; )

  2. I’ve never made microwave popcorn, although I’m not much of a popcorn eater, only at the cinema. I love the veggie delight too from subway, I love that their sandwiches are massive and messy 🙂

  3. angiesappetite

    Priyanka- I am so excited for you about your vacation! Have an amazing time!!

  4. I I love subway!! The key to popping popcorn is to stop after you hear about a 3-4 second laps between the pops. So if a kernal pops, then you can count to 3-4 before the next one pops, take it out!
    As for snacks, I think the apples are good, but what about things with skin that you peel, like banana and oranges?? I like the PB and J idea, that never gets old!

  5. Good luck with the packing! Quick/easy on the go lunches- make some trail mixes, tortilla roll ups, veggies and hummus, sammies!

  6. Oh my gosh, how exciting that you are going to Hawaii!!! Have a fantastic time and take pics of the food!!

  7. I am SO jealous of your Maui trip! I know you’re gonna have a blast, though 😀 Inflight meals.. hmm, you could get one of those cute insulated bags and bring a wrap with hummus, goat cheese, and veggies. Or a bagel + cream cheese/pb. Do they let you bring greek yogurt containers, or is it too “liquid”-y? Apples + pb packets are great, too. My super-easy on the go lunches are usually just boring bread + cheese, but it gets the job done!

    Good luck packing 🙂

  8. I hate unpacking more than I hate packing!
    As for lunches, if you have a fridge you can also do yogurt + cereal/granola + a ton of fruit (berries, bananas, mango, etc) and a spoonful of PB. That’s one of my fave meals when I don’t feel like cooking 🙂

  9. I hate packing too! such a hassle 🙂
    OF course I would suggest PB & J’s haha

    love the subway veggie delight!

  10. For your trip bring lots of sandwich stuff and PB&J. On the plane you can ask for hot water and you can add it to quick oats in a little coffee mug! Also, granola bars, lara bars, oatmeal cookies, fruit, veggies with hummus….. all of those things will stay for a while without refrigeration and are super easy on the road. Also, try to stay up as long as possible before your flight so you can try to sleep most of it. I use to live in Hawaii. Things are VERY expensive there! But you are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

  11. I always burn popcorn, I feel ya!

    Have fun on your trip – I’m outta here next week, cannot wait!

  12. I hate packing, too.
    Sandwiches are definitely one idea. Try bulgur, too. you just need hot water to soak it, and then add some condiments! They hold well in containers, and will probably taste better with the flavors melding together.

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