I am a hummus lover!

Hey hope everyone had a great labor day!

I had a lot achieved, lots of organizing done today and am ready for the new short week!!

On to my eats,


I made this awesome Pumpkin oatmeal cake that I saw over at April’s blog! I am the worst baker you will find and I almost always fail! This time I tried to modify the recipe by eliminating the eggs and make it completely vegan!

But this is what happened! This is why I hate baking!

IMG_4004 IMG_4005

But it does not matter cuz the end results always end up being eatable and tasty!

I smeared some strawberry jam on top with Coffee!!



This morning I made some Red pepper hummus!



Hummus and cilantro pesto on sandwich thins with a Morning star spicy black bean burger!! On the side some carrots and kashi asiago crackers!


My snack this evening were some carrots, last of the kashi crackers and some more hummus! Can’t believe I haven’t had hummus in  while! I can literally lick the bowl clean, I love it so much!



I planned something and the final product changed. I wanted to make meatless meatballs, and went on to make’em, bake’em, add’em  to the sauce but they were too dense!So I just crumbled them.In the sauce were veggies like Zuki and peppers!

The meatless meatballs had:


brown rice


rolled oats

I am not exactly sure If I’ll make them again! May be some tweaking should make it better.

I ate them over egg noodles and cukes on the side!


and some Coke Zero on the side!


I am off to finish a small report and then its back to the hysteria from tomorrow!

Around the blog land:

An awesome double giveaway by Taylor!

Gina’s Nutrition action subscription giveaway!


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My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. April (Foods of April)

    I’m so excited you tried the recipe! I’ve heard that you can use flax instead of eggs.. maybe that would work? I hope you liked it though!

  2. I love how you took a “failed” dish and made it into a winner! I am so excited to start incorporating pumpkin into some dishes. Pumpkin is one of my favorite parts of fall, seriously.

    I love hummus too, especially extra garlic hummus! I love all the different flavors, and how it goes well with just about everything.

    Thanks for the giveaway shout out!

  3. hummus, pesto + black bean burgter = GENIUS! Looks awesome! Anything pumpkin rocks my world…

    Have a great Tuesday, Pri!

  4. Hummus….drool!! I could eat it for every meal! WHY is it so delicious?! Yours looks fantastic!!

  5. Love your veggie burger- what a great combo!!

    And, the pumpkin cake still looks good even though it didn’t turn out perfect- glad you enjoyed it anyway!

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    red pepper hummus sounds delish~~~ have you tried raw zucchini hummus? it’s amazing too! 🙂

  7. As long as it was tasty–that’s all that matters 😀 I think it actually looks good, though! Oh, and I got your Hawaiian giveaway package yesterday–thanks SO much! I love it!! And I definitely need to go to hawaii now, haha. Have a lovely day!

  8. Hey sweet girl!

    The pumpkin oat cake is making me so pumped for all the fall baked goods that are coming soon! Ah, I love anything pumpkin and oats.

    I’m a hummus addict too! No shame in that! 🙂

    Take care hun.

  9. As long as it is still tasty, who cares?! I call it a success. 🙂

    I’m definitely hooked on hummus, and I love having that healthy little obsession. I’ve been seeing some dessert hummusses around the blog world, and I’m intrigued. I might have to do a little experimenting if they don’t show up in a store near me soon.

  10. My favorite hummus is sitting in my fridge but I got really sick around the time I ate it and now I get nauseous just thinking about it!

    I always modify recipes! Haha. I either try to make them vegan or I try to eliminate all the butter/oil and eggs. Half the time it doesn’t come out right but it never hurts to try.

  11. I am a hummus lover too! I had some tonight 🙂

  12. I live at high altitude so most of the time I try to bake it turns out to be a MESS!! Don’t feel bad!! 😀
    Also, I love making my own hummus!! Yours looks fab!

  13. I have only tried hummus once and it was home made and I didnt love it. Maybe it was the recipe?? Do you reccommend a certain store bought kind or do you usually make your own??

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