Sardine salad

I love fish, this is the prime reason I think I can never ever become a vegetarian. I can give up  chicken but fish na, never!! Talking about the nutritional benefits is not my niche so let us leave that to bloggers like Kath, Angie and Gina! But cooking and experimenting with it is definitely my thang so today I decided to try Sardines! I have been reading a lot about them on KERF and wanted to give them a try. My taste buds were itching to try this fish.

Everything went well until I got the fish, the price was right ( the plus of getting canned stuff), nice packing 🙂 , but once I opened the fish, the structure of the fish kinda grossed me out. I decided to quickly mix it up with the chopped veggies. Admiring it any further would lead to some bad consequences, but I was mentally preparing myself that this is definitely going in the trash can.

Initially I decided to go with just the basics and gave it a taste test. Well it did not taste bad, but jazzzing it up was definitely needed. Relief..

I seasoned it up, tasted it , didn’t like it!

Lemoned it up , tasted it, didn’t like it!

Finally I added the one thing that is complementary to celery( in my mind) HOT sauce. AHA!!

This changed it completely! LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

And I really enjoyed it. The hot sauce complemented the flavors of the crunchy celery and the fish!

Definitely making this again!




1 can Sardines

2 stalks celery

1 carrot

1 tbsp Capers




Salt and pepper

Hot sauce to taste

1 tbsp Lemon juice

Mix the veggies, sardines and other ingredients. The Lemon juice is a must and if you are not a big fan of things that are a little mellow in taste , then the hot sauce is a must. The Hot sauce also masks the taste of the fish.

I served mine with some baked pita chips!


I loved it but the husband wouldn’t touch it with a 10 feet pole! He is not a fish lover as such!

Is there any food that you absolutely cannot eat?

Me, I can let go of pumpkin and eggs! I know people, all of y’all must be gasping with horror but really not a fan of pumpkin. Although I am trying and making an effort!


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My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. haha, hubby won’t eat it?! That’s funny, but typical (Nick wouldn’t eat it either). That is something I would make. IN fact, I mixed veggies and canned tuna with cheese the other day…it was a random pot of deliciousness! I love your addition of capers. Yum.

    There are VERY few foods that I wouldn’t eat. IN fact, I really can’t think of one! Seriously, whenever I’m asked this question I have a hard time coming up with something. I guess I’m not a huge fan of radishes. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t eat them!

  2. Fish is one of my favorites too 🙂 I despise summer squash.. and raw onions, ew.

  3. I can’t really think of a food I cannot eat apart from liver. My Dad loves it and I even like the smell of it cooking, but I just can’t stand the taste and texture.

  4. I am a pumpkin fanatic! Now I love eggs but for 8 years or so I wouldnt eat them either, they can be a little freaky!

  5. I’m NOT a fan of sardines… eeek. But I do love fish. I actually had fish for dinner on Friday night (Mahi), lunch on Saturday (swordfish) and dinner on Sunday (tilapia) this past weekend! Yum!

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