Fruit find= Guava!

Good evening,

Today was a dreary day here in Knoxville. So boring and the bad part is that it somehow reflected on my mood. BLAH!

Since I had an 8 am class this morning, I grabbed my French press coffee to-go and packed my oatmeal to eat after the class. Remember my resolution about not buying stuff impulsively. Well it certainly helped. It made me feel proud that I did not spend $$ on Starbucks coffee. Now don’t get me wrong, I could drink Starbucks coffee everyday but the $$ needs to be kept in check too!


Okay onto the oatmeal, this was fun. The melted chocolate and brown sugar made it taste so so good!


Lunch was in between class and lab,



Last night’s Quinoa with oven roasted squash and zucchini, salsa and broken tortilla chips!

At the lab, we had pizza today. I ate two slices. I think I mentioned this before, we rarely order pizza, so when we get a chance we totally dive into it. I don’t know but I can never ever think of eating beyond two slices. However this totally ruined my appetite and I was in no mood for any food today and my bummed mood did not help either.

So I decided to include Green Monster in my dinner menu today.


· ½ Banana

· ¼ cup pumpkin

· Spinach

· Almond butter

· Water


I made enough to get two servings, one for now and the second for tomorrows BRF.

Fruit find:



[Sorry about the blurry picture, my camera has mind of its own]


Well this is not a fruit find for me, since this tropical fruit is available in India in plenty and I love it!

I found this at the Indian Grocery store this weekend!

Many of you must have consumed it in a smoothie, slushie or juice form.  The fruit by itself is equally delicious.

I have never ever seen it at the local supermarket here in the US.

have you seen it at the local supermarket or tasted it before?

When It comes to Guava, there are two groups of people,

  1. Ones who like the pulp of the fruit a little raw and hard.
  2. Two who love the pulp to be nice and soft.

I belong to the former. I love it, my Mom makes the most amazing chutney and juice out of it!!

Well off to work on the test for a while!!

Nite guys!!


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  1. I’ve never eaten the fruit before, but I love the guava juice.

  2. I’ve never tried guava, but I should, I like trying new things.

    I love that you added pumpkin to your Green Monster, I have two more cans left so I should give that a try!

  3. You eat so well – especially given how busy you are! That is awesome 🙂 Keep up the good work. I agree- I could drink Starbucks every day! The $$ factor keeps me bringing from home (for the most part ;)) though. I’ve only had guava in juice- never fresh!

  4. That quinoa looks great! I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh guava.

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