Blogoversary “Glo” Giveaway!!

Remember a few days back when I promised that there was an exciting giveaway coming up here on The Healthy Diary. Well here it is, A “Glo-ing” giveaway!


My readers gets a chance to win Angela’s Healthy Holiday Variety pack! The pack contains a mix of the following bars:

  • Present (Cranberry Pumpkin Spice)
  • Classic (Chunky Peanut Butte)
  • Revive (Dark Chocolate Chunky Peanut Butter)
  • Empower (Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee)
  • Heaven (Carob Brownie Bomb)

for a total of 10 bars! How awesome is that?!?

To win this variety pack:

  1. Add a comment to this post and tell me your favorite Glo Bar flavor.
  2. Link this giveaway on your blog.
  3. Add me to your blogroll
  4. Follow me on twitter : @plovesfood

Let me know once you have done all the four and I will add your name four times! Now since I really like you guys, I am giving this chance to not one but TWO lucky readers 🙂

The giveaway ends, December 3 @ 12 noon EST!



About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Oh wow!! Dark chocolate roasted coffee, or dark chocolate peanut butter sounds like PERFECTION to me!

    I will post about this on my next blog post! Thanks for the great opportunity, and happy Anniversary!

  2. I’d love to try the Revive! I love peanut butter. What a cool giveaway. : )

  3. wow, all of them sound so good esp since they’re “homemade”!!

    i would love to try pumpkin or carob one!

    happy blogversary!

  4. Oh wow! Amazing giveaway 🙂 I am obsessed with glo bars. I have never tried the flavours above but my current favourite is empower- chocolate coffee! However, the cranberry pumpkin spice sounds really festive and delicious! Yum!!

  5. Yay!

    Revive is deffo my thang. So yummmyyy~!!

  6. Classic sounds amazing!!

  7. I love Revive!

  8. …following you on twitter!

  9. OMG I wanna win 😀 I’ve never tried the bars before, but I’d love to try the Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee, I mean that’s right up my alley.

  10. You are already on my blogroll dear 😀

  11. Classic is my favorite!

  12. I’d love to win these- The empower and classic bars sound soo amazing. I’m following you on twitter as well! (angieo13)

  13. Revive… Dark chocolate chunky peanut butter… love it!

  14. that dark choc chunky pb sounds like my favorite, although I’ve only tried the original!!!

  15. I love Renew – just had one with my yogurt!! 🙂

  16. The Empower bar sounds really yummy!

  17. awesome giveaway! also, i added you to my blogroll 🙂 great blog!

  18. Hello!! I did three of the four (I don’t have a blog roll!!)
    Added you to twitter
    Linked back to my blog – which might take me a few hours to post-as I need to think up some goodness first!

    Happy Blogoversary!! 🙂

  19. ps. Oh.. and the empower bars sound delish!!

  20. The Revive flavor sounds amazing!

  21. Amazing giveaway! I would LOVE to try the Heaven bar! Chocolate=Heaven for me 🙂

  22. I haven’t tried the Glo Bars yet, but Revive sounds awesome.

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. My fav flavor is Revive!

  24. Revive is amazing, chocolate and peanut butter… what else could you need?
    Refresh is pretty fantastic as well though

  25. My favorite is present! it is SO delicious!!

  26. Its a toughie to pick, but either Revive or Empower!

  27. i’m pretty sure present will be my favorite – all my favorite flavors in one! congrats on one year and thanks for the giveaway!

  28. i don’t have a blog roll, but i am following you on twitter and i really want to try Revive!

  29. happy blog-o-versary!!!!
    im dying to try the Present flavor. I love anything pumpkin 🙂

  30. Great Giveaway! i would love to try Empower – Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee…how yummy!!!

  31. Blogroll, check.
    Favorite flavor, I’m thinking dark chocolate coffee.
    Twitter… I would follow you if I had one!
    Giveaway, hopefully! 🙂

  32. The classic sounds super delish! I have so been wanting to try these bars!

  33. I think my favorite would have to be present…pumpkin pie spice is so comforting!!

  34. Mmmm, Revive sounds so good… but then again, they ALL sound good! Happy blogoversary!

  35. I think Carob Brownie Bomb or Chunky PB. They all sound awesome though!

  36. I really want to try Classic!

  37. Oh yum! I’ve heard such amazing things about these bars, and I would love to try them!

  38. Hey! I am dying to try the Heaven Glo Bar! I dont have a blog but I am adding you on twitter! I hope I win!

  39. mmmmm cranberry pumpkin spice sound delicious and wintery!

  40. I have tried them yet… but Heaven sounds right up my alley! Thanks!!

  41. Happy Blogoversary!!

    My favorite flavor of Glo Bars IS… PRESENT!

    Wonderfully delicious for the holidays!!


  42. The “Present” sounds just fantastic!

  43. i don’t think i could pick just one but if i HAD to i’d say Revive and/or Heaven! thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. The Heaven bars sound the best to me, not ironically!!

  45. I’d have to follow Angela herself and say my favorite is Present flavor 🙂

    Happy Blogoversary!

  46. I’m now a twitter follower (@kimmyjahnke)!

  47. You know, I think all the bars sound amazing! Though, because it is seasonal, Present might have my name written all over it 😀

  48. Ive never had a glo bar but revive sounds right up my alley!! 🙂

  49. I can’t wait to try Angela’s glo bars, I just made an order. However, I could always use some more so I wouldn’t mind winning these. Revive sounds delicious!!

    Hope to win!
    Will add your blog to my RSS, I don’t have twitter though.

    Have a good week.

  50. My favorite is definitely Revive: Dark chocolate peanut butter~ yum yum!

  51. The Heaven bar sounds like heaven 🙂 Great giveaway. I just found your blog from Joy of Food and love it.

  52. I have now put you on my blog roll.

  53. I would love the present bar. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  54. I’ve never tried those bars before, the empower is the flavour I would desire 🙂

  55. fave glo bar flavor would have to be the classic peanut butter! Nom!

  56. i am now following you on twitter! @josseatsfresh 🙂

  57. I would love to try the Empower!

  58. I have to say if i was to pick what i would like to try they would be empower or heaven 🙂 And since i’ve never tried one this would be a great opportunity to do so!

  59. Can’t wait to try present! Dried cranberries are my favorite snack!

  60. I have been thinking about ordering the “present” ones!

    Glo bars rock!

  61. Added you to my blog roll!

  62. I’ve been dying to try a Glo bar! I really want to try the PRESENT flavor, since Angela’s been talking about it so much! Yum…

    I’ve done all four tasks, so please enter me!! Great giveaway! 😀

  63. present sounds delicious!

  64. (you don’t have to enter me, i don’t have a twitter!)

  65. I am most excited to try Present! I have been hoping to try these bars for a long time now!

  66. Mmm…I love me the dark chocolate ones!!

  67. oh wow..this is awesome…i hope i win them…we never get anything where i live(goa) and the possibilities with there goodies are endless…..will blog about this giveaway in my next post

  68. I’ve never tried Glo bars before but the Present flavor – Dark Chocolate Chunky Peanut Butter sounds delicious. I’d also love to try Heaven 🙂

  69. Mine would be the classic, or Heaven. Not sure! I did all four steps. Great giveaway!

  70. Mmmm…dark chocolate chunky PB!

  71. Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee!!! You’re on my blogroll (I’m a follower!) and will not only follow you on Twitter, but will tweet this for you!
    Adding the contest to my sidebar!

  72. Dark Chocolate Chunky Peanut Butter (Revive)! Although, all of the bars sound amazing and delicious, I’m a fan of the PB/Chocolate combo! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  73. I’ve never tried any of the bars, but I’ve been really wanting to – I think the classic (peanut butter) would be my favorite as I love all things peanut butter!

  74. I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin, so the cranberry pumpkin Glo bar would DEFINITELY be my #1 choice!! 😉

  75. I’m following you on twitter as of now!! I just added you as LuckyTasteBuds!

  76. Haven’t been able to try glo-bars yet 😦 but Revive sounds delicious!

  77. Great Giveaway! I’d love to try Present! 🙂

  78. Can’t go wrong with dark chocolate and peanut butter, yum Revive!

  79. I’ve never tried Glo Bars before but the Empower one sounds delish!

  80. Contest added to my sidebar links!

  81. i’ve only tried the original, but the “present” looks delightful!!
    thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  82. I gave a shoutout to your giveaway on my blog!

    Thanks again for an amazing giveaway!

  83. Ooo great giveaway! I’ll link later tonight. But I’m definitely a new reader! Great blog!

  84. Also, haven’t tried any globars yet, but I’m guessing my fave flavor would be Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee?! Ummm hello two favorite things in the world. 🙂

  85. just followed you on Twitter

  86. linking you in my post going out tomorrow
    thanks for the great giveaway!!

  87. Wow — revive sounds amazing!! great giveaway 🙂

  88. I’ve never had a GloBar, despite seeing them around the blog world so much, so I would love the chance to try them! I think the classic sounds best, but I wouldn’t pass up any of the choices…great giveaway!

  89. Love to try Empower!

  90. Never had a GloBar…the Present sounds tempting!

  91. I love the revive bar!

  92. Ive linked this giveaway on my blog

  93. I would love to try the Present Bar… Cranberry and Pumpkin Spice sound delicious together.

  94. Heaven sounds heavenly!!! 🙂

  95. AMAZINg giveaway! I havent tried any yet But I have heard amazing things so I cant wait to try them ALL 🙂

  96. ohh my I think either the Revive or the Empower…mmm both so good

  97. the heaven flavor sounds amazing!

  98. Oh my gosh, dark chocolate AND coffee?! It can’t get any better! The Empower sounds fantastic!!

  99. Empower…yum!


  100. Can’t go wrong with Revive, it’s got chocolate and peanut butter!

    I linked back on my blog:

    I’ve also added you to my blogroll, now follow you on Twitter (I’m @spiceaholic80), and re-tweeted about your giveaway!

  101. Happy Blogoversary!
    I would love to try the classic!

  102. Can I vote on all of the flavors? 🙂

  103. I’m following you on twitter!

  104. I also added you to my blogroll!

  105. While I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any yet, my favorite surely would be empower – love chocolate and coffee!

  106. My favorite globar is the dark chocolate peanut butter. I’m a chocolate/peanut butter girl…it’s kind of a sickness really! Hope I win cause they ALL sound FAB!

  107. The dark chocolate and coffee…..what can I say a perfect combo!

  108. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’ve never tried her Globars yet but I want to try the Revive one the most!!

  109. I want to try present because it’s angelas favorite!

  110. Oh BOY! I have never had a Glo Bar, but have only heard good things! Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee is calling my name!

  111. I linked back with an URGENT message that they need to hurry! haha Just in time… 😀

  112. You are now on my blogroll! yay!

    Here is the link from my linkback..

  113. I imagine Heaven would be my favorite 😀

  114. i thiiink my fav would most def be empower!

  115. I’d love to try Present and Heaven… I think I’d love both of them.

  116. The classic sounds awesome!

  117. I would like to try the Empower bars!

  118. I follow you on twitter. (@butterjessfly)

  119. Love to try the Present bar!

  120. Never had a GloBar and the Empower one sounds very tempting! 🙂

  121. The heaven sounds yummy!

  122. I have to try the cran/pumpkin!!! I’ve been dying to try ang’s treats!!

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