Paris: Part II

Missed Part I

Paris the city

The city and its people exhibit style and romance in everything.




Look at the rush hour traffic.




 Louvre Museum

This was one enchanting place. To be honest I am not into history and art but some of the sculptures and paintings were simply so beautiful and enigmatic and it was just difficult to get out of the place.



This art was what I was waiting for, MONALISA.



The ornate ceiling




This sculpture looked so dark yet intriguing.


In the next post:

  • The very christmasy street Champs-Élysées
  • Arc de tromphe

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  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Your lsat post was filled with deliciousness! Wow i am in awe of your paris pics, such a beautiful city with so much history. glad that you got to experience it!

  2. Ohmigosh. The traffic is CRAZY. And I thought LA had it bad!

    The city is stunningly gorgeous, though! I wish I could visit sometime, too!

  3. How fun …. your pictures all look amazing!!

  4. God!
    How wonderful!
    I wish I could go to Paris… like, right NOW.
    Beautiful pics!
    Kisses from a brazilian reader,

  5. I would love to go to Paris, but I’d like to learn French first! I took French but had to dro it bc I didn’t need it. Someday!

  6. Keep the pictures coming, it’s bringing back great memories!

  7. Wow, I’m amazed. These pictures are breathtaking.

  8. Paris is BY FAR my favorite city! Hope you’re having a wonderful time there. 🙂 What’d you think of the Mona Lisa? Some people find it disappointing while others are entranced. Just wondered what your experience with it was.

    • I was excited to see Monalisa, I don’t know about others but I was captivated by the mystery of this piece of art. I think it lives up to its name and fame!

  9. Aw, seeing your photos of the louvre brings back memories. I have those exact photos too! It really is such a magical place. I can’t wait to read about your other Parisian adventures!

  10. I would love, love LOVE to visit Paris! Beautiful pictures!

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