New page: Inspirational cooking

I have a tab by the name inspirational cooking for a long time but now I have made the page active and this post is to defend why I call my cooking inspirational.

If you have been a reader of my blog , you know that I am inspired a ton when it comes to cooking. I love to take an idea from anyone and then make it my own i.e. run with it.Although after running and combining many ideas it invariably is totally different from the original. However long  story short, this type of cooking is Inspirational where I am inspired from others.

As a kid I have always loved watching all the cooking shows my Mum watched. I mimicked most of the chefs while my Mum cooked and gave me a few dishes and veggies to play with. I was most thrilled to say “If Yan can cook, so can you” and as time progressed many cooks inspired the food lover in me. Growing up I have liked the cooking of so many great chefs both Indian and others like Madhur Jaffrey, Jiggs Kalra, Sanjeev Kapoor and international like Julia Child, Martin Yan,Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver,Gordon Ramsay and now Giada De Laurenttis, Barefoot contessa and Rachel Allen.

However one cook definitely deserves her own space i.e. my Mum.

She is the single most important person who taught me  all about food and especially how to love it. Her biggest advice to me is to, “Keep food simple and taste it as you cook!!”

I think these wise words make sense to me now that I am managing a very busy ,time (and labor) intensive PhD life. I cannot agonize over a million of ingredients in a recipe and then distress about interweaving them for hours together. But there is one thing that I have mastered over the years and that is “Substitution” If I don’t have a pricey or exotic ingredient, I just substitute it with something that captures the essence and the texture. This may not come easily for novice cooks but I promise once you get hands dirty in the kitchen your minds does it for you. I did not learn it overnight, immediately after my marriage when I was caught in such situations,I would give my Mum a call in the middle of the night (She lives on the other side of the globe) and she’ll list down the best possible substitutions to make the dish taste the same ,without sacrificing on the final product.

I am mainly a vegetarian but love to eat seafood and chicken occasionally. Shrimps/Prawns are my favoritest ( I know that is not a word) thing in the world. The Healthy Diary has opened up a whole new world for me and I love to see people with different food habits document their life. From high plant-raw lifestyle to vegan bloggers, I am inspired by them all and whenever I come across a recipe that can be adapted into my lifestyle, I make it and include in my repertoire of recipes. Now they will all be updated on this page.

So what are we waiting for, lets get Inspired ,Cooking and Eating!!!!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. I love that your mom and you have such a close relationship, despite being on opposite sides of the world. I do hope that I can teach Maya something useful one day and she’ll put the words inspiration and Mom together as well.

    Looking forward to seeing your updates!

  2. I truly love the way you describe your ‘inspirational cooking’ – once you understand what is loosely termed as “the basics” in all types of cookery, its easy to then substitute & often come up with wonderful new creations. I’m a huge fan & great supporter of people understanding ‘the basics’. I look forward to more posts under this tab.

  3. What a great idea!!!!!

  4. That photo of you and your mum is so gorgeous! You both look fantastic! She has great words of advice 🙂

  5. Both you and your mom are absolutely stunning 🙂 Your mom taught you well!

  6. this is such a sweet post! I love that picture of you and your mom; y’all look beautiful!
    It’s so cool that you guys are so close 🙂 I didn’t get interested in cooking until after I moved away from home so I had to learn a lot by phone!

  7. What a gorgeous picture of you and your mom! And I love your mom’s advice on cooking. Keeping food simple and real makes for the tastiest of dishes. I couldn’t agree more. 😀

  8. I love Madhur Jaffrey’s recipes and have also grown up watching cooking shows and learning from them. Cooking and experiencing great recipes makes me feel alive; sounds cheesy but it’s true 🙂 Your mum sounds like a great cook, have you featured any of her recipes on here? x

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