In the middle, Organization round II and To-do list!

And the organization continues.

But first a little info bit about me, much like everything else in life, I see myself as being in the middle of everything. When it comes to personality types I am a mix of type A and B. While I love to be organized, have things in order and cannot sleep at night with a sink full of dishes and dirty and stained countertop, I can also procrastinate and be lazy like it is no body’s business.

Not only that I have always been the mediator of the family, the problem solver you know! I get and understand everyone’s point of view and hence I am terrible at taking sides. I think it is in my blood, no really it is. I am blood type AB, that is probably the reason why I am always a mix of things never an extreme.

Q.Do you know your blood type? If yes, what is it?

Moving on, as mentioned earlier the organization continued. Since the husband is hosting big German crew at work, he is out most of the evening.  That leaves me with a lot of time at hand. I am really surprised how one single person (read husband) can just snatch away all of this wonderful time I have in the evening. Seriously I am getting so much done. I am letting my type A side take over my personality and getting some substantial things done.

So Organization: round 2 involved tackling the bathroom closet and shredding mails. Don’t get me started on the shredding mails business, I think I might explode with rage if I talk about it.

I don’t have the before pictures, one because I completely forgot about it and second because I did not want all you type A’s out there to cringe looking at them.

So here are the after pics,

Bathroom closet:

I am not a big make up person, but all the powders and lipsticks and eye liners in the drawer organizer. You can see my love for purple and pink here!


A cute purple rack container to keep all my hair bands, head bands and clips together.My lotion and other stuff container in the other container.

All of the husbands’ stuff is in his own container gets his own rack.

And finally all my hair related electronic stuff in one container.



And finally this is our mail holder and do you see any mail?zilch, right!


Husband if you are reading this, I am sure you must have skipped a heart beat but don’t worry I didn’t go shredding and tearing like a mad woman. I read and organized all the important document in their separate folders.

On to my love for food:

Last night I made Dreena’s Super charge me cookies. I simply love these. They are easy to make, there are no ingredients that I never have in the house and lastly they are perfect for breakfast.

Here is a snap shot of my short TO-DO list with very power packed and time consuming items in it. I wanted to tear my hair apart since all of them had to be done today itself and the time consuming ones could not be tackled before 5 pm


Here is where I am so far.

  • Call verizon[DONE]


There is some weird phone issue. This morning my phone refused to get charged and then it was so overheated. None of the charging mechanisms worked. After about 2 hours of patient explanations I finally am getting a new replacement. Thank goodness it is under warranty.

  • Pay fees [DONE]
  • Clean: I make it a point to clean the entire house and fridge before going anywhere. [DONE]
  • Packing [DONE]
  • Target, to get a few things [DONE]
  • Print outs [NOT YET]
  • Gym [ NO :(]

Ever since the organization bug has bitten me, I have become  a great fan of organization blogs and Penelope loves lists is one of my favorites. Today she asked a question about having a signature fonts. Call me a nerd, but I love stuff like this. My signature font has to be Trebuchet. I just love it. And if there is one font that I hate it has to be Arial.

Q. Do you have a signature font?


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. I am a huge fan of organization and lists…I can make lists all day long. I’ll even write something on my list that I’ve already done, just so I can cross it off.

    I am 100% a Type A. I need help!

  2. OMG…., We’re Twins 🙂
    I’m almost borderline obsessive with my lists including (if you will) writing 5 things I’m most grateful for just before I go to sleep at night….., puts me in a really happy mood and stops me thinking about writing lists on what I have yet still to do in life.
    Congrats on getting all that mail organised… I’m pretending the little pile beside the computer doesn’t exist…… I know…, I’ll put it on my list 🙂
    Have an awesome day.

  3. signature font? I love Calabri! I don’t mind Arial. It’s so funny that we are talking about font right now…. 🙂
    I’m such a type A personality, but similar to you, I also have some type B tendencies. I am very organized, but at the same time my organized ways may not look very organized to others. My definition of organized may be slightly different than others! Also, dust doesn’t bother me, but clutter DOES! I agree that when Nick is gone for the evening (poker nights especially) I get SO MUCH DONE. Not that I enjoy him being gone, but it does allow me to catch up on things!

  4. I am horrible at organizing. You should see my closet. Yeah, it’s pretty scary. I tell my husband that my closet is just too small to keep organized.. haha

  5. We sound very similar in terms of personality…minus not being able to sleep with dishes in the sink haha!
    I don’t have a signature font- that’s such a cool idea though, I need to find mine ASAP! I absolutely hate Comic Sans though…UGH!

  6. I love how organized you are!

  7. How organised woman!!! My go-to font is Verdana!

  8. OMG! If I was half as organized as you are then my life must have been so much easier.
    I’m so disorganized that I’ve been looking for my daughter’s birth certificate for 3 weeks and I still don’t know where it is 😦

  9. I forgot to mention. I make a lot of lists tooo!! 😉

    Also, please msg me your email! And you are welcome about the post!! 🙂

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