NYC recap: Picture loaded

I promise you I have not disappeared from the face of this earth, it has just take way too long for me to settle stuff at home and lab after my trip to NYC.

So here I have a long recap!

“Welcome” written in various languages from around the world at the entrance of Empire State. The line I am pointing at is my mother tongue i.e. Hindi!


Similarly I welcome you on this NYC weekend trip recap:)

First let me begin by telling you that I have been in the US for almost five years now and I have been avoiding my trip to NYC ever since. For our yearly vacations in the past we have been to Orlando, Maui, Paris and back home to India in the past, but on this occassion due to a shortage of time, we decided for a quick trip to NYC! At first I was hesitant but my mind completely changed once I lived and explored the city. Being a big city girl at heart, living and traveling with huge crowds is not new to me. I was at first intimidated about the traveling part in this huge city, but the subways were so much fun. They were easy to follow and were not at all unsafe. I really went into the city with the idea of being robbed at least once, yeah I know I am crazy like that.

But my perception is changed now. I mean obviously it is not recommended to navigate around at night in the alleys or even the subway, but other then that it was a breeze and safe!

We stayed at a hotel called Club Quarters which was at a stone throw away distance from Ground Zero! It was sad to see nothing there 😦

But Times Square will lighten up your moods in a jiff,

Just L-O-V-E-D this place. This place is electric!



The FOREVER 21 mirror screen which was so fascinating!


That’s us on the big screen


Manhattan from the 86th floor observation deck.




Macys from 86 floors above the ground:


Liberty from the Empire state:


I think this is Brooklyn bridge


I am looking like so fluffed here. I guess the hotel shampoo really worked, my hair are never this voluminous!


The husband found the site of two men cleaning a tall building very picturesque.


Biking at the central park, I think this was one of the best decisions we took. It was heavy on the wallet, but there was no way we could have walked the entire central park in 1.5 hours with pictures and breaks!Moreover, we never get a chance to bike back home!


perfect weather,


perfect scenery,



And perfect company,


I am really tired here, just tackled an upslope and it was killer. Begging for some water at this point!


The only thing that was free during the entire trip was the Staten Island ferry!



Closer to liberty,






I got really sick on the last day, still trying to put a happy face for the camera. The eggplant parmigiana from the Italian place the previous night did not agree with me. We were looking for a pharmacy.


We then said good bye to New York. I think I left a part of me there. I get attached to things, places, people quite easily. It was hard to leave!

Good Bye NYC!

Q. Have you been to NYC?

Q. Do you enjoy the calm of a small town or the hustle and bustle of a big city? I have lived in a big and crowded city for 21 years of my life, coming to a calm town like Knoxville, I really enjoy it. It is so good to not deal with traffic and crowd. I am surprised how easy it is to get spoiled.


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  1. I think it’s so cool that your mother-tongue is Hindi! Is that weird? I was born in the US and English was my first language. Then, I lived in India when I was very young and learned Hindi and Marati. THEN… we moved back to the USA, my parents got divorced, and my dad didn’t practice my Hindi or Marati with me so now all I know is English- and a very few Hindi words!
    Thank goodness for subtitles in Bollywood films 😉

    • Sonia~ I know Marathi as well. I grew up in Bombay so I ended up learning Marathi, Gujrati and a little bit of Punjabi apart from Hindi and English! The subtitles are a boon but sometimes the whole punch or idea gets killed in the literal translation, but those they can be entertaining too especially if the movie is bad 🙂

  2. Wow., what a cool trip. I’ve only been to NYC once, and then only for 2 days, it was awesome, I loved it too and I can’t wait to get back and really have a really good look around, its so huge isn’t it.

  3. I love all your great photos! I absolutely love NYC. I’ve been many times but it’s been about 4 years since my last visit.

    Your hair looks fabulous! So shiny and straight. Gorgeous!

    Hope you are feeling better! Food poisoning is the worst feeling in the world.

  4. amazing trip recap, thanks for sharing it!

  5. Oh my I would love to go to NYC – so much. I get what you mean about city living – I’ve done that too and it can get overwhelming…but I’ve moved to a smaller city and am not happy at all…it’s very small, old-fashioned, no young people, horrible grocery stores :(…I look forward to moving to a city again in a year’s time – I think it has more to offer a young single person. Perhaps when I’m more settled, with a family , it will change.

    Nice blog!

  6. sounds fun! :o) I’ve never been to nyc but I would love to. Ha, I’d feel the same way about feeling that it is unsafe and getting robbed! I really want to go to europe, but under the cirsumstance I might have to go alone because I can’t wait for other people to come around and go with me. I think that it is always good to be cautious, but I can’t let fear prevent me from doing anything life changing. Plus, I’m probably worrying for nothing. :o) long comment!

    I want to live in the country, because I’m a city girl all the way!

  7. I love these photos! Tom and I are going to NYC next Friday and i’m so excited!!! We love exploring new cities. But also love relaxing in the countryside so could live in either. However, right now we’re enjoying city life 🙂

  8. Hi Priyanka,
    Thanks for your comment on the post. I love NYC, times square is a great place to spend time in and yes I also don’t think NYC is unsafe, its like any other big city.
    I love people watching and in NYC you can do it to your hearts content, all in all its a great place.

  9. I totally love NY! I’m a big city girl at heart and you can’t get more big city than NYC. I didn’t know you could bike through Central Park- that sounds really nice (although maybe not so nice with my shoddy bike riding skills).
    PS: I deep fry my egg rolls but I’m sure you can bake ’em with a spray of nonstick spray 🙂

    • Azmina~ They have pretty cool bike renting deals where you can pick up the bike at one location and then leave it off at a totally different one for like $50 a day. August is the month for Europeans to travel to NYC and they were all up for grabs!

  10. Glad you had such a fabulous trip. GREAT pictures. I bet the biking really was awesome. I have been to NYC but its been a while! I’m definitely a suburb girl, but I like having access to a medium sized city like Charleston!

  11. Thanks for your comments. I heart NYC too..I went there this past Dec with my best friend! Nice pictures!

  12. I love your photos!! And your voluminous hair! It looks fabulous!

    I love NYC…to me, even in a big city, depending on where you are, each little area has a bit of a “small town” feel. I love the hustle and bustle and I love all the sights. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us- it looks fabulous!

  13. Wow, nice pictures of the city!

  14. Once in a awhile I like the hustle and bustle. My goal is a trip to NYC next year!

  15. These are such great photos! You look gorgeous in each one of them.
    I really love NYC, but I say this after only being there one time, and only for two days. Needless to say, I would love to go back. It’s great to go with someone you really love and enjoying being with (such as your hubby! For me it was Nick). We didn’t get to see everything in those two days, and the Statue of Liberty is one of the things I would love to see when we return.

    Glad you had a nice little vacation!

  16. Like i mentioned before..NYC is just so full of life i can be there any time any day 🙂
    I am def a city girl…I can prob be in the countryside for maximum of 3 or 4 days, after that i crave for crowds and noise…London that way has filled my appetite for a busy life..

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