Salad a day challenge!

I have a confession to make and it ain’t pretty. I almost always manage to let my salad greens die a stinking and mushy death. I waste greens. I buy them very enthusiastically at the Grocery store but when it comes to eating never happens. Now Arugula is an exception, I can eat as much Arugula as I want and I have told you before how much I love it!

So why all this rambling you ask? I have declared September “ A salad a day month” This is my first challenge here on the blog and although it is mostly a personal challenge, all are welcome to join! Sometime I really fall low on eating my daily portion of veggies and this is a great way to do that and not waste greens.

To kick off this challenge I started off with a side salad and an Indian main dish called Dal Dhokli that was inspired by Sonia! Thanks Sonia for the amazing recipe it was spot on, almost like my Mum!



It was so good the husband savored it and gave it double thumbs up!

My side salad was mixed greens with artichokes, sundried tomatoes and capers dressed in Annie’s Roasted red pepper dressing!


I know it is not the best way to kick off the challenge but something is better then nothing right and also I used some greens in the process.

However today’s (Friday) salad was a yummy and filling one.

Roasted Veggie salad in Lime, cumin and garlic vinaigrette


  • Bed of Greens: Spring mix
  • Roasted veggies: green and red peppers, baby carrots, red onions and red potatoes.


  • Dressing: Juice and zest of a lime+ 2 tsp dijon mustard+ 1 tbsp EVOO+1 small garlic clove minced+1 tsp ground cumin and a kiss of red pepper flakes.



Not a bad start for a “not that frequent salad eater”right!!

Note that this was just a part of my dinner, actually this was dinner part II.

Dinner part I was a 3 minute veggie pizza on a whole wheat Naan.


Whole Wheat Naan+ Cheddar Cheese+Green bell pepper+red onion+ veggie burger.

Very filling and took hardly any time.

This was followed by a trip to the gym which has been updated on the Workout Page!

After the workout I had a major urge to bake some cookies. Presenting to you

Vegan chocolate chip cookies. Recipe inspired from here

DSC00501 DSC00509

Okay that was a lot of food talk!!

So the weekend is finally here, I am so so happy! Hooray!!

Q. Have you planned anything for the long weekend? As I mentioned in my previous post, I have some R&R planned and quality time with the husband!

Q. Now for the tech question, Are you a Mac or Windows person? I am a windows person through and through. I have tried Mac a few times but the interface is just not for me!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. I am so so glad that you made the dal dhokli, and that you liked it!! I was talking to my aunt about it on the phone today and she said I was just like my great grandmother (the highest compliment you can receive in my family)- I was so happy! Thanks for mentioning me!
    A salad a day sounds like such a great plan- I do believe I’ll be joining you in that! I am bad about using up my greens as well… I wish I wasn’t! I love salad but somehow my lettuce always gets neglected.
    I don’t have anything planned for the long weekend..just studying A LOT! And, I am totally a Windows girl! I heart my Firefox and my Windows 7 🙂 I do have an iPad, and I love it… but I wouldn’t trade my VAIO for anything!

  2. Hey, the salads look delicious I would’ve definitely joined the challenge but for a long trip
    I am a windows person completely

  3. I’m a Mac user through n through 🙂 Great idea doing the salad a day, we’re big salad eaters here, but sometimes I get seriously lazy in making a nice salad…, this is a timely reminder to put a bit more effort in 🙂

  4. I love dal so much! I love salads too. The thing is that I freak out when I have to throw food away and lettuce goes bad faster than I can eat it. So I never use lettuce in my salads, just a bowl of veggies…got the idea from a restaurant here in LA that calls their roasted veggies a salad but it isn’t exactly the traditional kind.

    I am a total PC person…I don’t like the Mac interface either!

  5. Windows…I can’t afford Mac 😉

    I have no problem eating my vegetables – and grilling/roasting is the BEST…is the additional “other” foods overload that are the problem…

  6. oops – meant to say “it’s the additional…”…oof.

  7. MAC..for the past 4 yrs or so and love it. Took me about a week or two to adjust and now, windows just seems so not for me anymore!

  8. I am responsible for the missing bite in the Apple logo, that’s how much I love my Mac. I use it a lot for making photo-related gifts, postcards, etc. I can handle a PC, but I know where my true loyalties lie 🙂
    That is a pretty beautiful salad, lady! I too love daal and one of my favourite ways to eat it, is cooking it dry and then scattering it over a huge salad!
    We manage to get in a salad every day, but it’s mostly because we have so much great produce coming out of our gardens and our region – the prairies are rich in gorgeous greens, multicoloured peppers, fresh herbs and just about everything right now! What a great challenge – thinking outside the box allows for some amazing salad possibilities. I am way into bean salads, quinoa and grain salads, green salads and leaf-less salads (like Ameena). No plans for the weekend other than hiking in Banff and just laying low… have a great one!

  9. Looks like a great way to be eating your veggies!

  10. This sounds like a great challenge! I’m a frequent salad eater, but I sometimes find that at the end of the week I still have mushy greens in the fridge, so I should probably do this too. I love adding roasted veggies too — it’s so nice for the contrasting flavors and textures. I’m a Windows girl. 🙂

  11. Cookies..I’m seeing a trend in the blog world this weekend. Those look great, I think I need to make some cookies and drink Almond milk.

  12. Sounds like a great challenge to me! I love salad and have one pretty much every day! Artichoke is a great salad topper, as are any roasted veggies!! Great job on the cookies. Hope you’re enjoying those.

    Q. Have you planned anything for the long weekend? Your R&R sounds great! We just got back from a wedding (as you saw) and now I have a lot to catch up on with work and around the house!

    Q. Now for the tech question, Are you a Mac or Windows person? WINDOWSSSSSSss

  13. Oh my – I love that you added artichokes to the salad….YUMMO!

  14. Very nice idea with the super-quick ‘pizza’!

    I love whole-wheat Naan, it’s very addicting. 🙂

  15. I went out for the most amazing AUTHENTIC chinese lunch today 🙂

    I don’t think eating a salad a day should be too much of a problem! It can be really yummy if you use interesting ingredients and combinations.

    I’m a Mac!!

  16. Way to go girl..salad a day is an awesome idea. I want to do the same but chicken out at the last minute and end up eating all the junk i get…
    I thought i was always a windows person, but now im using linux ubuntu and def loving it.

  17. What a great idea!

    We eat a lot of salads in my house- but I still end up throwing away too many greens too!

    I hope you have a great holiday, Priyanka!

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