Vegetarian thanksgiving!

Hello people did ya have a good thanksgiving? As I have mentioned on a number of occasions (I am pretty sure you must be bored of hearing this), we are alone in the US with no family 😦 so most holiday traditions are celebrated as a couple. This year was no different. Normally we celebrate with friends but for the past two years we are celebrating a proper thanksgiving feast at home. Last year I made a whole chicken since I am  intimated by a big turkey. This year I decided to shake things up a little.
The place setting:
Just for fun,
I made a vegetarian feast and the menu is as follows,
Mashed potatoes (Recipe here). If you are a smooth texture person, this is the ultimate recipe. The husband and I are both fans of smooth and fluffy potatoes!
Vegan green bean casserole (Recipe here)
Wild rice and mushroom loaf (Recipe here)
Figgy Wild rice stuffing (Recipe here)
Easy vegan gravy (AP flour+ soy sauce +nutritional yeast+ salt and pepper + veggie broth)
Easy cranberry sauce (Cranberries + brown sugar +water)
The cook with the creation:
My plate,
I think the best part of this entire process is the loving appreciation from my husband dear. The day end with some quick apricot tart. The simplest dessert ever! We ate, laughed, ate, watched TV, ate and then slept!

Black Friday:

We are not the ones to go early in the morning and stand in line. As much as I love deals, the whole thought of standing there with thousands of people pushing each is unbearable. Did I tell you I am immensely claustrophobic! So we hit the outlet mall at about 10 am and surveyed through the deals and picked our favorites! Fleece jackets, T-shirts and shoes were on our agenda and we conquered the list.

In other news, I am visiting my family in January!! I am so excited.

Are you having a fun weekend so far?
I totally am! I am sure Ameena did have a lot of fun in NYC. So jealous of you girl!!

Let me ask you this question Averie style, what is the best thing you ate this weekend.
My thanksgiving feast was certainly quite yummy, but the chana masala I made last night was Not trying to toot my own horn, but this is the best chana masala ever!

See ya tomorrow!


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  1. What a gorgeous feast that is! Everything looks wonderful, especially the figgy wild rice stuffing. Yay for seeing your family in January, you must be thrilled!

  2. You vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner looks way better than any meat-filled one I have ever seen! And you look gorgeous as well.

    I am claustrophobic as well, hence why I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy Black Friday, or participate!

    I’m so happy that you get to visit your family soon!!

  3. Looks awesome, glad you had a wonderful day. Bet your excited about visiting your family in January huh?

  4. Oh my, that looks amazing! I think I just opened every recipe link in a new tab 😉 Just think – at least you got to celebrate Thanksgiving! We don’t celebrate in Australia, but the food is so good I might just have to do a faux-Thanksgiving next year 😉

  5. my oh my – what a tasty feast indeed! Seeing all this Thanksgiving Food is making me very excited about Christmas!!! (we dont celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and what a magnificent vegan feast! 😀

  7. that is the easiest way to make vegetarian gravy I’ve ever seen!

  8. It all looks delicious! I could definitely do a veg Thanksgiving. I’m not too huge on the ham or turkey. The casseroles, though? Can’t get enough! 😀

    How wonderful you get to see your family soon!

  9. I love seeing your vegetarian Thanksgiving! Everything looks delicious!

  10. delicious! everything looks wow, especially the figgy wild rice stuffing! mmmmm!

  11. WOW! Your meal sounds amazing! I am so impressed. I have yet to create a Thanksgiving feast of my own, but I am actually excited for that day. I don’t think I would do vegetarian, BUT, the idea is intriguing (I may have family members that shoot me if I do that….). Congrats on a successful meal and a great holiday.
    My favorite dish was my aunt’s polenta stuffing, which just so happened to be vegetarian!!

  12. Everything looks delicious and you look lovely!

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