Kitchen appliances: faves and wastes!

Good evening! Is the weekend treating you well? Mine is pretty swell, all I have done today is lounged around the house, eaten, napped, watched P.S. I love you (Loved it) and then did something I don’t normally do i.e. baking. More on that later.

Lets talk kitchen appliances.

I think kitchen appliances are a cook’s best friend, I know I am no wise women making a breakthrough here but I really do believe they make life so much easier. Here is a list of my kitchen faves thumbs_up and appliances I wish I had not wasted my money on thumbs_down.


The very first kitchen appliance I ever bought in the USA, I think just three day on arriving was this Duraband blender and food processor. It has been with me all these years and is still functioning. The blades are made of steel, I mean literally and figuratively. And for $20, I think this was  steel steal of a deal. As I said it still functions but a month back, the food processor bowl cracked. I am still keeping it till I decide on buying a new one!


A big boo to the mini food processor I bought a few weeks back. I just have to admit that there is a price you pay for being cheap and I am! The blades are blunt and it processes…well nothing. Good enough to be thrown into the trash this very minute! But I’ll wait till I get a new processor!


Another great find, Braun immersion blender  and chopper. I swear I love this kitchen appliance. It is good for smoothies, soups, purees (needed in Indian curries), chopping nuts and seeds, making chutneys, salsas. A highly recommended appliance!


Coffee and spice grinder. I think the next time I buy I am going for cuisinart. I have tried Black and decker and Hamilton beach. I’ll give both of them a thumbs_down


My kitchen wish list:




Cookie dough balls I getting quite the attention in the blog world and for once I am not late to catch up! I made these dough balls this evening based on Mama Pea’s recipe and all I can say is OMG..these are freaking amazing. I have a confession to make, I really meant to follow the recipe exactly but I don’t know why I added a flax egg.




Breakfast and dinner:

1 cooked egg with a lot of hot sauce and toast



Potatoes in a yogurt gravy with quinoa and greens with hummus. (No grocery shopping done)




Yoga Meltdown with Jillian <—This was an amazing workout..Loved it! I never really thought that this would happen, but I am sore after all the yoga I have been doing for the past week!



Your favorite kitchen appliance?

Top two kitchen items on your wish list?


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  1. Sadly I don’t really own any kitchen appliances at all 😦 I’m dreaming of a KitchenAid, but am planning to splurge on a blender and electric had whisk after Christmas!

    I’ve been meaning to make though doughballs too… they look amazing!

  2. Such a fun list. I love SO many kitchen appliances. Definitely my cuisinart grind and brew, my kitchen stand mixture (I use this at least twice a week- being a HUGE baker) and my new awesome slow cooker/crock pot. I would LOVE a La Creuset pot, but could never justify the $$. I am hoping someone magically gives me one, one day. The cookies look great. I need to add those to my to make list

  3. Good to know! Thanks for posting this!! My wish list includes the cuisinart griddler (oh-my-goodness! it does so much!) and maybe a better dish washer =)


  4. I would love to get an immersion blender! So handy for soups etc!

  5. My most used kitchen item is the large stoneware bar pan from Pampered Chef – Stoneware is my preferred method of baking anything.

    My most LOVED kitchen gadget would be my stainless steel Kitchenaid Mixer. It really is everything it’s cracked up to be!

  6. I totally get sucked in by those $20 appliances that Target sells…when will I learn not to be cheap? It’s in our blood! Nothing we can do about it. 🙂

    I love my $19 rice cooker though – its going on 10 years now and it’s still working fabulously!

  7. We have one of those mini-food processors as well and it’s just the most useless thing. Honestly, the most valuable thing in our kitchen is the all-purpose chopping knife we have.

    As for wish list: Stand Mixer and Le Creuset are definitely at the top!

  8. Recently we’ve been using our George Foreman grill again — it was previously hiding in one of our cabinets. We also finally replaced our toaster oven and I’m so glad we did!

    What I want to use are my food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer, but I don’t know where they would go once they come out of their boxes, so there they remain for now.

    I need a spice grinder, so I was glad to see that I shouldn’t bother with the one that you don’t like. I would also like an immersion blender.

  9. Cannot live without my immersion blender/chopper, it does everything & apart from my Kenwood Chef (love, love, love it) that’s the only gadget I own.

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