Chana Masala revisited

I have a recipe for y’all today. If there is one recipe that the husband and I always rely on then it has to be CHANA MASALA. We always have chick peas lying in our pantry. I mean always. Whenever one of us hits the grocery store, getting chick peas is necessity. The shopping trip will never be complete without getting chickpeas. That explains why Chana Masala makes an appearance on the blog at least once a week.

This recipe is super simple and there are no exotic ingredients.

Chana Masala (Revisited)



· 1 can Garbanzo beans

· 1/2 can of tomato paste

· One huge onion

· 3 cloves of garlic

· 1 inch piece of ginger

· 1 serrano pepper deseeded and chopped.

· Spices: 1 T ground coriander, 1 t turmeric powder, 1 t garam masala and ½ t paprika (or 1.5 T curry powder)

· Whole spices: ½ bay leaf, small cinnamon stick and 1 t cumin seeds

· 1 t EVOO

· Salt

Preparation and directions:

Chop the onions, ginger, garlic and chili pepper.


In a skillet, heat the oil and add the whole spices.


When the cumin seeds begin to splutter add the onion, garlic, ginger and chili pepper.


When the onion is cooked and turns translucent, add the spices.


Mix the spices and roast for about 30 seconds.


Add a splash of water to prevent the spices and tomato from burning.


Cook till the tomatoes are no longer raw


Next add the chick peas


Mix and cook on medium low for another 10 minutes. If you think it is getting to dry add veg. stock or water. Season with salt.

When its ready,add some chopped cilantro and enjoy!!




Workout: 01.06.11

15 minutes- arc trainer and upper body weights.


We are expecting snow showers tonight!


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  1. I have 5 different variations of this recipe bookmarked. but obv. im trying yours first (duh!)

    Have a good night! xox

  2. Love love love chickpeas! This looks fantastic 🙂

  3. delicious love Channa masala its a classic

  4. I love chana masala. So delicious. But somehow when I make my weekly menu it’s never on there. I must change that.

  5. I really want to make this! I’ll be keeping this recipe in mind 🙂

  6. um YUM- i will def be bookmarking this recipe!

  7. snow showers – stay warm! This looks like an excellent cold-evening type meal! Yum!

  8. I’ve never tried chana masala, but you make it look so easy that I’d have to be stupid not to give it a try! Can’t wait!

  9. oooh that looks so full of delicious flavors!

  10. I definitely just bookmarked this page. Marcus and I are eating a ton of these Masala arrangements lately and there’s no reason not to be making them at home!

    Adore this.

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