Bull story explained and some advice needed

Whoa..my wild bull story was quite the eye catcher detail yesterday. Well it is true and the full details go like this. My family and I were on a vacation in Nepal. We were on one of our hiking adventures, when I decided to go astray of the path . Out of no where a wild bull came in and hit me on my back. And I was 5-6 years old! It hit me so hard, that I fell on the ground and the bull started dragging me. My grandpa heard me scream and found me..thank goodness! He hit the bull very hard with something and thankfully it went away. Don’t know any other details since I was knocked out and well, I was little. If you don’t believe me, I can remind my Mum about this incident when I go back home and then her instant tears will be captured on video and that can work as a corroborative evidence 🙂


Operation: Scavenge the fridge and make what remains continues,

The husband unknowingly picked up some white flour tortilla and I made them the basis of our dinner tonight. Tortilla with refried beans, avocado, veggie shreds-cheddar flavor, red onion and salsa.




I don’t want to sound all cranky on the blog, but I have a story to share with y’all. I know many people go through this at their workplace. So here it goes, I have a nosy co-worker who share the office with me. She think whatever I do is her business. And I mean whatever! Since I did not bring lunch today and decided to eat at the cafeteria. I actually look forward to going there, cuz the salad bar is quite extensive. Now by no means it a WF salad bar, but for an institutions standard, it is quite good. So I brought a big box of salad.

She immediately had a comment for me and I quote, “You spent all that money to get a salad, (insert sarcastic tone) next time let me know if you cannot make lunch, I’ll get you a $X lunch salad!Guess this is what healthy eating is all about.” Left me baffled and angry at the same time, however, I let it go. And then she had the nerves to come and see my salad, “Let me see what is in your special salad” I still did not say anything. I am extremely sensitive but not the one to retaliate that easily. But her tone and style made me really wonder, why is she so concerned with what I do.

Sorry if I let you down a bit with this post. Here is my question.

Do you ever get commented on by others regarding your eating habit? If yes, how do you deal with it?


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  1. Wow. That’s RIDICULOUS. Someone needs to slep that woman upsise her face, though in a non-violent way, of course 😉 You just focus on being strong and true to yourself. She’s just offloading her own issues, and isn’t worth your time. *hugs*

  2. OMG BULL!!!!!! Your poor mother! Poor you… but omg your mom must have absolutely lost it thinking her baby girl got mauled by a bull. I’m glad he didn’t run off with you! This is just insane! I got kicked by a horse once, while on another horse… and then the horse I was on ran off the trail and into the street. But holy cow a BULL!

    ok so about co-workers, I’ve been there! I usually just punch them in the face.

    ok that’s a blatant lie. But I’d really like to sometimes! I’m uber judgemental about what my family eats, but the judgement stops there. Snyde comments like that are just totally uncalled for. Sowwy love. Next time let me know and i’ll go punch her in the face for real =)


  3. What a beeyotch! She’s just jealous and I would tell her to eff off, personally. 🙂

    And I had a bull trample my foot one time when I was a kiddo on my dad’s friend’s ranch, but not nearly as traumatizing sounding as your story!!! Glad you’re okay!

  4. God, I hate nosy people! I would probably have slapped that woman across the face… or settled for just ignoring her. Don’t give her the satisfaction of responding! Your silence will drive her crazy 🙂

  5. That bull story is insane!!! So glad it turned out all right!!!

    Eating habits-YES COMMENTS ALL THE TIME!!! I find it interesting that people never criticize someone who’s overweight and eating fried foods but rather the health conscious person eating healthy-hmmm??? I usually throw a witty comment back or just ignore them (hard). At times if someone is trying to say “oh you don’t even want to know what I just ate” i’ll say “I don’t care what you just ate-it didn’t go in my body”-keep your head up and know what you’re doing is best for you!

  6. you know the game two truths and a lie? that bull story would work every time! no one would believe it could be the truth.

    and i have co-workers who like to comment on food choices, too. “you eat like a bird” or “oh, lots of salads this week?” comments. ugh. i usually just laugh and say something along the lines of “i eat smalls meals really often, you’re seeing 1 of 6 today” or something like that. and then i NEVER EVER comment on their food.

  7. I have to say that women just sounds downright rude!!

    I think we all (as healthy eaters) have gotten comments on our eating style before. My usual response is this: “I’m sorry, but why do you care what I choose to put in my own body? Do I comment on what you put in yours?” That’s only if they comment comes off as rude!

    I LOVE getting questions or comments because people truly are interested or want to try some of what I’ve made! Which, luckily, is usually the case.

    Just keep on eating healthy girl–it’s only about you! 🙂

  8. I’m sorry to hear about what your co-worker said to you! It’s so frustrating when people pass judgments like that…try not to let it get you down though. People like that just aren’t worth putting another thought into. Glad the bull incident turned out ok, that must have been really scary!

    P.S. Dinner looks delish!

  9. 1 – that bull story is crazy! Glad you ended up okay!
    2 – I am so sorry about your co-workers! I have kind of a similar situation at my work! Actually, NONE of my co-workers even know about my blog because I just know they would react just like your co-worker if they found out……so, yeah….I don’t really have any advice, I’m struggling with the same thing!

  10. oh what a delicious meal!

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