Food diary: Singapore

I am done with Chinese food from outside, no really I mean it.  On my trip to Singapore I ate Chinese food for almost every meal. While it was great initially, soon my not so hardcore Chinese taste buds seem to have been satiated. I must not complain,the food was tasty, sometimes it was way too bland for my tastes but I would still call it pretty good. A word of appreciation for the street food. If you have a sensitive stomach like me, you would think twice about consuming street food. But not in Singapore, they have high quality control standards or so I have heard and it was mostly agreeable with my stomach except for a shady shack we were pushed into by a few”friends”.

Let me begin by saying that my brother and I are both big seafood fans.

Some enjoyable foods included,

Singapore seafood noodles, an accompaniment to mostly all our meals.


Some Japanese tempura and sushi enjoyed at our hotels buffet.


mussels in Singapore curry.


Every meal in Singapore is accompanied with rice and greens. This plate has some beans and bokchoy. The fried squids were amazing too.


oats crusted prawns. These were good, but  a pain to remove the tails and head!


Chicken satay


BBQed sting ray


Some not so enjoyable ones,

fish ball soup…disgusting


baby octopus


And since Starbucks has  not yet arrived in India (they open this August), I was glad to introduce my brother to one of my favorite indulgences-my fav Caramel Macchiato.


He loved it, I guess love for Sbuxx runs in the family!


Since I complain about the cold weather on the blog, I thought it was only right that I compliment the glorious weather that we are enjoying here!


I have only one question, is spring here? Please say yes, I don’t want any more cold spells!


Gotta get some thesis writing done, but first some blog reading is in order!

Good night friends!


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My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. How I miss Starbucks! The plain coffee frappuccinos stole my heart 😦 Love the curry mussels and the bright pink octopus, but I hear ya about laying off one cuisine for a while when it’s all you’ve been eating 🙂

  2. These eats look fannnnnntastic!! 😀

  3. Everything looks so tasty! I used to love octopus… but I’m not sure how I feel about eating it in that form!

  4. Wow! You’re so adventurous! I’m not sure I could have tried the BBQed sting ray. Glad you enjoyed. I hope spring is here!

  5. Everything looks tasty and adventurous! So jealous of your weather right now!!!!

  6. I’ve lived in NC, VA, DC, and all over florida… and never find truly good or attractive asian food other than one thai place in VA and a really awesome sushi restaurant in FL…. this all looks so spectacular! It would cure any craving! Ohmygosh Pri thanks for making me drool. The food infront of me for lunch doesn’t look half as amazing!

    soo glad to have you back btw! ❤ i've missed you so!

  7. Seafood noodles!? What a GLORIOUS idea! Yum!

  8. I SO hope that Spring is basically en route. We need it in a BAD way. I feel like this year I just…miss enjoying being outside, you know?

    OHMIGOD, your eats just killed me – those pictures were amazing. THANK YOU for sharing!

  9. I’m so glad that you were far more daring than I was in Singapore…I wanted to believe that the random food vendors were safe to eat from but the incessant flies everywhere told me otherwise! You are a superstar for being so adventurous!

  10. i hope spring is on the way! i’m over the cold and dreary winter weather. i don’t know what i’d do without my starbucks – i’m addicted! 🙂

  11. Wow, looks like some great (and adventurous) eats! I’ve tried octopus once…not a fan. I felt like I was chewing on a piece of rubber!

    I used to be totally addicted to Starbucks until I realized the beating my poor wallet was taking. I haven’t been in probably a year or so, but guess what! I got a gift card for Christmas! Yay!

  12. That is some interesting food. We had a couple days of super nice weather, and then I woke up to snow this morning. We just can’t win.

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