My Mac is functional now. For me having word is absolutely essential but while I was deciding on iworks and Microsoft (and I chose Microsoft office), google documents was a lifesaver. I mean I cannot even count the number of occasions I have started writing on a word document at work, only to have forgotten to transfer it to the jump drive. Ever since I discovered google documents, I do all my writing at work on it and I can access it from anywhere.

Since I have been a bad handler of my earlier laptop or so my husband says, I had to go and buy a new sleeve. And of course being the teenage girl that I am, I got a pink sleeve for my laptop (My friends call me Pinks not because of my love for pink and purple, but because it somehow rhymes with my name). And in an effort to stay as green as possible, I got a eco-friendly Akepa laptop sleeve . For $25 and all the advantages, I thought it was a great product!


I am really slacking in the breakfast department, for eg. I skipped breakfast today, I know its bad and to hold myself accountable I am going to blog my breakfast on the blog everyday.

Dinner tonight was particularly interesting. I made special fried (brown) rice and Indianized it a bit and coupled it with a nice salad. The dressing: hummus, tahini, salt and pepper.

Vacation tid-bit of the day: I love Churros, I don’t make them at home cuz well they are fried but if I am out on vacation I don’t care that much about fried and all.

I had churros at Universal studios in Singapore

And I enjoyed them in Paris,oh how I wish I could be there like right now. Which reminds me I should go and check my external hard drive for the Paris pictures. i hope I did not lose them when my computer crashed.

Q. Have you ever lost important data in a hardware crash?




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My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Love the pink case πŸ™‚ My favorite color.
    And I love GoogleDocs too! I have a tendency to leave jump drives in computers all over campus and forget about them…so it saves me so much money to just use Google Docs!

    I once lost years worth of music and pics in a hard drive crash 😦

  2. My only memory of Churros is from Disneyland in America! And there’s nothing wrong with a pretty laptop cover. I wish I had a pink one!

  3. I like the pink sleeve! I think its super cute. I’m not very careful with my laptop either…. I’ve never had a churro, but I have a friend who is like obsessed with them.

  4. When I got back from my trip to Colorado last year, my computer (Mac) crashed. It was AWWWWWFUL!! I was in the middle of starting a new company, and finishing my thesis, I was a mess. I now backup my computer at least 3 times a month.

    I am not a fan of pink, purple is my color πŸ™‚ That being said, I still love your pink laptop sleeve!! And, good luck with the breakfast, we’ll keep you accountable!

  5. That laptop sleeve is the cutest!

  6. I’ve lost a lot of old pictures when my computer died 😦 So heartbreaking!

  7. i lost about 3 months worth of photos from college when my hard drive died. it was sad, but at least i had most of my stuff backed up. i really really need to get an external heard drive to be safe. i would be devastated if that happened again now. (and now i’m knocking on wood like crazy because i feel like i just tempted fate).

  8. Love the pink! I have a sleeve for my laptop as well, but I’m probably most grateful for the snap on case made by Speck. It keeps the surface from getting scratched up when I’m carrying it from room to room or sliding it across a surface. Mine is clear, but they come in all kinds of colors! Here’s the link if your interested:

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