Thank god its weekend!

This is what I’m doing these days,

◊ Staring at excel sheets all-day-long

◊ Writing

◊Sleeping less, I am not very proud of this. 5 hours of sleep is making me cranky.

◊ I am passionately working on my training plan and building up on my running capabilities. Proud to say, I ran 1.5 miles @4.4 mph for 20:20 minutes continuously! YAY! tomorrow I run 1.75 miles again!

◊Eating, not according to plan.

Making easy peasy sandwiches

Pav bhaji

As you can see, things did not workout as per my plan, why you ask? well, I made the plan,posted it online and went grocery shopping. I did not get half of the ingredients I wanted, I know what a bummer. So I decided to buy random stuff and wing it for weekday dinners. And believe me when you get spoiled doing meal planning, it can be stressful to think of dinner ideas out of nowhere!


How has the week been treating you?

In other news, I am trying to be active on twitter again. I have been on twitter for 1.5 years now and believe me, I am still “new”. If you wish you can follow me @plovesfood and then I can follow you, if, I am not doing already 🙂

Any weekend plans? Catching up on my blog reading, doing some writing, and do some headstart cooking and prepping, so I can eat and sleep well during the week.


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. Yay for the weekend! Actually, I wanted this week to go by slowly- it’s my spring break!

  2. I’m following you! I’m sorry to hear you’re not getting much sleep – as someone who often struggles with this, I know how much harder lack of sleep can make life!

  3. thank goodness it’s the weekend! thanks for finding my on twitter!!!

  4. Great job with the running!!! You sound like you’re taking off. Oh and get some rest!

  5. i love visiting ur blog.
    i’m inspired by ur healthy living. i worked out thrice this week. and documented it! 🙂
    have a gr8 weekend!

  6. Five hours of sleep is not enough!!! Get to bed! ❤

  7. Oh yes…Excel. I spend my days on Excel and Word and PowerPoint but you know what? I LOVE it! Because finally it’s something I know how to do…and well!

    I second what other posters said…stop reading this comment and take a nap! 5 hours is not enough! 🙂

  8. Your food looks super yummy – even if they were unplanned meals! I know I always get kind of stressed when I don’t know what to cook for dinner — I try to meal plan but i’m kind of a failure at it! I end up blogging instead and then wing it with odd combinations of food for dinner. haha

    Good luck getting some extra sleep girl! ❤

  9. your food pics always make me hungry 🙂 and then I read the work out details and get motivated perfect

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