Victory and eats

First of all Congratulations to all my fellow Indians, for the world cup win!!!!!!

For all non-Indian readers, India won the cricket world cup this morning, which explains my lack of posting . Cricket is a game,(its not just a game, its  a religion in India) popular in the common wealth nations and propagated in all these countries by England.Not so popular in the US, a variation of cricket exists in the form of Baseball.

This morning the world cup final was held in my home town in India, Bombay! I missed being there, but was up at 4:30 am in the morning, watched and rooted for INDIA, and they WON!!!!!!What an epic match!

Cricket worthy snacks, Chai and onion bhajiyas (onion fritters)



Dinner: Do it yourself, egg burrito.

The fixins included,

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Avocado
  • WW tortilla

  • Caramelized aka some burnt onions
  • Veggie sausage
  • quick sautéed tomatoes

My plate with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.

Workout: Run @ 4.5 mph for 2 miles! Incline walk at 3.8 mph for 1.1 miles.

How is the weekend treating you?



About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. YAAAAY India! I actually don’t follow cricket or have any idea how it works…but I’m still excited!
    Love the Indian snacks 🙂

  2. Chak de India!!! Woot!!! I don’t understand cricket at all and honestly didn’t watch the game but was so excited to hear that “we” won!!! Your bhajiya’s look yummy!

  3. My friends in India have been freaking out on Facebook all day about Cricket. Hah! I would love to learn more about the game. It’s funky!

    Your photo inspired me. I have avocados in the kitchen that need to be eaten. I think I’m gonna have scrambled eggs and avocado for bfast.

  4. Well done India! I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the behaviour and attitude of the Aussie team lately, so wasn’t too bothered when they got knocked out 😛

  5. badhai and mithai! i too devoured heavy carbs today! but worked out as well 🙂
    inclined walk @ 11.5% grade @3.2mph for 1/2 hour, 8 pounds weights for arms lat pulldown/chest fly, 50 squats, a brisk walk, and stretches.
    love to share this with you. it’s like having a gym buddy who keeps me motivated!

  6. yum – I LOVE the whole breakfast-for-dinner thing! Easy, cheap & delicious! Triple win! : )

  7. Congrats to India!! Awesome to win at home. Those onion fritters sound totally intriguing. I want to make some!

  8. The egg dish looks good, but I’m WAY more jealous of the Cricket snacks – those just look delicious!

  9. ahhhh i love veggie loaded breakfast burritos!!!! so delish looking girl! I also want the fritter recipe!!!! =)

    go india! ❤

  10. Woohoo!! CHak De, India! 🙂

    You know, i’d been such a good girl all day- healthy meals, full hour at gym, no carb-ridden snacks n all that… And now! that one picture of your onion fritters has me almost reaching out for the onion and oil already! Yummilicious!

  11. yay for us!!! I could also see the fireworks from the apartment 🙂
    I haven’t eaten bhajiya in ages but tempts me so much

  12. Those onion fritters look AMAZING!

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