Word heavy post

You know, you never understand the true value of what you do, till you actually stopping doing it. I consider myself a relatively healthy eater,
  • I don’t partake in sodas that often,
  • stay away from fried food most of the times, and
  • include fruits and veggies like they are free stuff available on earth.The idea of saying no to veg does not apply to me [unless it is pumpkin and beets…gag!].

This weekend when I fired up the pan to heat some oil to make the onion pakodas aka fritters, I knew this may not end well, and right I was!

As a team, I think the husband and I must have managed to down over 10K calories over the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I am not at all into calorie counting and all about listening to your body and all the signals it gives you. But all this  I am telling you right now is a result of the signal my body gave me during my last nights run.

I decided to  up my speed a bit, i.e. 5 mph rather than my usual 4.5 mph with 0% incline however this run was, in one word, BRUTAL. Not that I could not handle the speed, but I felt so freakin lethargic during the run, that it upset me. The husband was running right besides me and he said that he felt the same. The only thing to be blamed, the super OILY, nutrient depleted food consumed over the weekend. I am not saying that eating oily food is the problem, but eating for every meal over the next two days, there my friends, I have crossed the line. It may not even apply to anyone else, but for me its the beginning of a downward spiral. I am doing really well at the moment fitness wise and I don’t want to go south with my goals again.

So our philosophy this month (I hope I am not late to make goals for the month of April)

-eat uber clean
-workout 6x a week,
-improve core fitness
-One outdoor activity on weekends.
-sleep at least 6 hours.

To improve my core fitness, I am restarting my 200 sit ups challenge. I did this in January last time and managed to do 120 at a stretch, but then  the India trip happened. Now that things are much better, its time I revisit the challenge again.

Rough 2.25 mile run (5 mph) with two walking breaks (3.9 mph)
10 minutes on the stair master

Some happy news:
I am a slightly eccentric number driven person..love numbers, I can remember random numbers thrown at me and give it back to you in the same order. I digress…why all this number based ranting you ask…I am on the path of complying with my third resolution for 2011. It was my intent to lose some extra pounds this year to reach to my goal weight of 130 pounds. I have managed to lose 5 pounds with healthy eating and good exercising. I am currently at 141 pounds and have 11 more to go!


About Priyanka

My blog is my attempt to change myself for good and incorporate some great habits by deriving inspiration from my fellow bloggers. This blog is a log of my eating habits,my everyday life, my activity profile,the motivation I want from others and also other ramblings.

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  1. haha it wasn’t that word heavy =) gosh pri! you are so dramatic!!!

    i kid i kid! ❤ I really like the idea of a philosophy and not goals for april =) smarty pants ❤

    ooh! come enter my giveaway! its awesome!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I really love the way you aren’t beating yourself up about the past but are just focused on the future. I’d recommend giving yourself some leeway, though – life may not be the best when you eat all oily food, but it can get kinda boring if your only eat “perfect” food too 😉

  3. I feel that way after some weekends too! But I have no doubts that you will reach your goals, afterall, we are all here to support you!

  4. Ah! i feel you, i really do! i found out that i’d lost two pounds this last week, and in a reckless moment of clelebration, had three full scoops of Haagen Daaz dulche leche ice cream! Feeling awful about it now! 😦
    Btw, don’t fret, 11 is TOTALLY attainable! My goal is 15 lbs in the next two months (before i go to India in June, gorge, and come back like a beached whale again!)… lets see where that goes!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss thus far!! 🙂 With you new April goals, it sounds to me like you’re right on track! I think we all eat food like that now and then, but we keep going, and still succeed!

  6. I was feeling exactly the same this sunday morning and after celebrating India’s win on saturday night, oily food just does not agree with my system and I feel completely devoid of energy but once in a while I guess it’s ok.
    200 sit ups best of luck for that dear

  7. I’ve definitely gone running after a few heavy meals and I totally feel it! You will do awesome on your April goals. I need to eat a bit cleaner myself!

  8. u r doing really well. i am sure u will acheive ur goal. its ok to indulge and reward urself once in a while.
    keep it up!!

  9. I ate a lot of crappy food recently — McDonald’s, pizza, etc. It’s amazing how gross it tastes to me now after eating such fresh real food for the last few months.

  10. congrats on getting closer to your weight goals!
    I love your word-heavy post 🙂 The free internet I get from my apartment is so horrible that most of the time, pictures don’t load anyways…
    I can totally relate to your sluggish run..I’ve been eating a little too much sodium and not enough water lately, and have been feeling it in my workouts!

  11. Teehee… Great post… Word heavy and all! 200 sit-ups…. WHAT? That just sounds crazy.

  12. Congrats on the weight loss!! That’s great. Now remember, I’m sure you know, it gets more and more difficult to reach your goal the closer you get to it. So, this means you have to work even HARDER to get those last 10-11 pounds off. I like what you said about increasing your speed, but I also think it’s necessary to increase the incline. Remember..no pain, no gain! 🙂

  13. Fried food is every Indian’s downfall…I mean how can you avoid samosas, pakoras, and kabobs? You can’t!! Or I can’t. I think the key is to learn how to eat them with other things…I usually mash a samosa up with some salad and use chutney for dressing. My dad freaks out but really, it fills me up and stops me at just one!!

    Congrats on the weight loss!

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