friday favorites


Yay for the weekend. This has been a grueling week and I am glad that the weekend is here.


Since Friday is all about celebration, lets join in the friday link party hosted over at Christine‘s blog where we share all our friday favorites.

Right now I am enjoying,

1. Hummus, I.just.cannot.get.enough. of this stuff. I managed to snag the last of the family size buckets at Kroger this evening.

2.Keurig coffee maker, OMG, I am in love with this machine. I don’t own it yet but we have it at the office now. I cannot wait to try the flavored coffees, cocoa and teas. Do you have any flavor recommendation?

3. As funny as this may sound I am actually falling in love with the wonders of excel, now I know, why some of my fellow bloggers like Ameena love it so much! And any ways its better to start loving something when you spend 8-9 hours of your day working with it, right?!

4. Iced coffee, the warmer weather means welcoming cooler drinks. I brewed a pitcher load of coffee over the weekend and now had Iced coffee at my command to be consumed each morning. Caffeine fix is a necessity!

And finally,

5. This ketchup is my childhood favorite, it is the perfect combination of spicy and sweetness. I think no ketchup can beat this product in my opinion, I could eat pumpkin if it was dipped in this ketchup, and y’all know how much I hate pumpkin!


Dinner tonight was nothing short of spectac! I mean it was simple, I just made some veg. sandwiches but they were so so good. I made two varieties.

sandwich #1: cilantro chutney, above mentioned ketchup and earth balance spread on each slice with sliced cukes, tomatoes, boiled potatoes and red onions.

sandwich #2: cilantro chutney, ketchup, earth balance,havarati cheese, TJs masala burger, tomato.

Cut into triangles just the way my mum does.


Workout: 5k run and walk, I was not in the best of moods to run today. So I just took it easy.


What are your weekend plans?


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  1. love the sandwiches! made me drool 🙂
    so glad to hear u r keeping up with ur exercises. i need to catch up. hopefully this weekend i will restart my regime

  2. My parents have Irish Cream flavoured coffee, but I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, the beans come already flavoured 🙂

  3. I love hummus lately too! Mmm. Not sure what all we’re going to do this weekend, but Erik’s brother’s coming into town so that should be fun. I’m just glad it’s the weekend 😉

  4. Great list! Now I”m craving iced coffee ;). Those sandwiches looks so good. I want to try the TJs masala burgers…I can’t wait until our TJs opens in July. We have lots of guests in town this weekend- so just entertaining!

  5. The Teenage Taste

    I have the same exact coffee maker and love it! I make coffee in it every morning! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Mmmf. I have a long run for today and then a get together with girlfriends. Can’t wait!

    Will look for that ketchup at our grocery store – I’m a compulsive dipper, so that looks FABULOUS!

  7. mmm, i love sabra hummus! 🙂

    the only thing i have planned this weekend is moving! it’s going to be a busy day… my family arrives in about an hour to help…!

  8. Love Maggie!!! It makes everything taste better. And I’m heading out to RI for a bit to visit family…should be fun times! Have a great weekend!

  9. Awww, Maggi Hot n Sweet! how cute! Chutney-sauce sandwiches taste fabulous with Hot n Sweet! And your sandwich–yummmm! Reminded me of the bombay sandwiches that i lived on during my college days! 🙂

  10. Keurig favorites:

    1. donut house coffees (duh!)
    2. newman’s own organic extra bold coffee <– my new favorite!!!!
    3. the teas are kind of bs cost wise… so you're best using the hot water from the machine and then buying awesome mango and mint teas from your fav brands =) hehe

    MWAH! happy saturday!!!!!

  11. Those sandwhiches look gooood!, so do all the other things but I’m sure nothing beats a “Maggie Hot n Sweet”.This and Kissan Jam for me are irreplacable.

  12. Yay! I’ve inspired you to appreciate the wonders of Excel! My job here is done.:)

    And Maggi…I remember consuming Maggi noodles and ketchup during my numerous trips to India and I LOVED both.

  13. I still can’t believe you don’t like pumpkin, although in reality I don’t really understand WHY I like it. It’s really not that great, but it goes well with so many things, like nut butters, oats, and yogurt! Yum.
    Like you I love ketchup. Just last night Nick and I talked about our love for ketchup and mustard, but we both decided that if we had the choice, we’d choose mustard on our hot dogs. That was a tough decision for me…


  14. I love that hummus & making iced coffee! I’ve been making iced coffee ever day for awhile now.. so much cheaper to make yourself!

    I’ve heard great things about that coffee maker, but haven’t tried one myself.

  15. I couldn’t live without my Keurig!! I love all of the flavored coffees – right now I’m loving the French Vanilla! 🙂

  16. We always have a huge bucket of hummus here 🙂 It’s so cheap from Costco!

  17. WOW… the weekend went waaayyyy to quick, got a bunch done though, was fun. Love the plate your sambos are served on, very cool. And, go you… I want to love Excel, but it scrambles my brain… I have to add colour to the boxes for things to click. 🙂

  18. That Maggi sauce is awesome! I always have a bottle in my fridge! Love with veggie burgers!

  19. food looks yummy.. love the noodles and sandwich..

    new to ur space n happy to follow u

    do visit me when u get time

  20. Ohh, I love Sabra’s roasted pine nut hummus! Definitely a favorite! And I just had my FIRST iced coffee of the season last week…I swear it tasted 1000 times better just because we were finally having a beautiful warm weather day after a ton of gloomy clouds and thunderstorms!

    You little sandwiches look so cute! Do you not just love the Masala burger? I can’t go to TJ’s without buying a box!

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