Iced Coffee!

Its summer that means out with the hot stuff and in with cool and refreshing eats and drinks. I know Iced coffee is quite the hot stuff in the blog world these days and really if you want to save money it is always better to make your own. Not many of you know but I have to share this today, I have been a recovering Sbuxx addict for the past few days and the only thing that keeps me sane is my iced coffee. It costs fraction in comparison and tastes a really good. (but lets be real, SBUXX lattes are amazing). And the most convincing and promising thing for me is that the husband loves it too. He does not like coffee that much, in fact he’ll just ignore the coffee if I am brewing some and stick to water with breakfast, but ever since he has tasted my iced coffee, he demands one! No kidding my friends. 

I mean my technique is very similar to Averie’s and Tina’s, the only difference- I use Almond milk in my iced coffee, vanilla flavor is the best. The reason for using almond milk is quite simple actually, it is less thick so it can froth better by my manual technique. All you need for frothing is a wire whisk. If you are using a small one like me, you can do a rolling action between your palms (as shown in the pic below) to create the froth by adding the milk and sweetener to the cup. Once all whisked up, add the brewed coffee to a tall glass, next add the frothed milk and spoon in  the remaining froth that refuses to come out of the cup. Finally finish with ice and there you have it, a cold refreshing coffee!

 I used the Walmart brand Stevia to sweeten my coffee.

The rolling action, do this for about a minute. You can also use a stick blender to froth it up.

I see froth 🙂


Topped with some cinnamon to give it a barista feel!





This just shows that you don’t need any specialized gadget to froth your coffee, a simple wire whisk will do the job!

Q. Your turn share a simple tip that has made your life easier!


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  1. That looks delicious! I rarely drink iced coffees so I never have it brewed in my fridge! When the craving hits, here’s my pronto method:

    In a blender, chuck in 1 teaspoon coffee granules, cold water, soy milk, cinnamon and vanilla essence. Whiz and voila: a nice, frothy iced coffee!

  2. Yum, this looks incredible! I stopped drinking iced coffee because it’s only nice when sweet and I try to avoid sugar. Sadly I can’t find Stevia drops here, although we did try to grow the plant… I should find out what’s happening with that. I heard that if you just dip a leaf into your beverage it becomes incredibly sweet so I might just try that! Thanks for your tips. I’ll definitely try this 🙂

  3. Niiice! I’ve went through a definite iced coffee phase this summer, but I never frothed mine, thus it didn’t look nearly as impressive as yours, ha.

  4. I LOVE ice coffee! I actually use a shaker to make mine but I use instant coffee which is different. Also if you use sugar instead of sweetener the froth becomes thicker and stays forever. I’ve been working at a cafe in hot Greece for years. I’m the queen of iced coffees 🙂

  5. Wow, you’re so fancy! I’ve never added froth to my iced coffee!

  6. Oooh, fancy fancy! I LOVED iced coffee. I’ve developed quite the addiction!

  7. Yayy!! I totally broke down and bought an sbuxx iced coffee yesterday, but usually I make my own!:) Soooooo much cheaper!

  8. Oh oh oh, I forgot–I have a little trick I like to do with my iced coffee. If you make a giant glass of it and are a sipper, like me, then you know the ice sometimes melts too quickly and your coffee gets watery. WELL, make a small pot of coffee the night before and let it cool a little bit, then pour it in ice cube trays and freeze. Then you will have coffee ice cubes to use in your iced coffee and as they melt they won’t make the coffee watery!:)

  9. Love that tip! I think my tortilla crisping trick is pretty awesome. All you need are some paper towels and a microwave. Place the tortilla between two sheets of paper towels and microwave for about 90 seconds, flipping every 30.

  10. I LOVE me some iced coffee! And I like almond milk a lot in coffee-it adds a little something special to the flavor. I was a total bucks addict before getting pregnant. I still like to go now and get decaf beverages- just not ALL the time 😉

  11. yum never thought of almond milk.
    i use stevia too 🙂

  12. I am a coffee lightweight…I can barely handle decaf! But this looks really fabulous and so professional.

    Tip someone told me: Saute your food in water and then add the oil at the very end. It’s so much tastier that way!

  13. Yum, soooooo good. 🙂 And what a nifty little hint. I’d take a step back and use the milk bottle, shake it all crazy like and serve straight away, always seems to froth it nicely. Only thing, you need to ensure that there is only a glass left in the bottle. OKAY, clearly not a great tip. LOL. Ill have a think and get back to you.

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