I cannot believe I am actually creating a race page, but yes I have started running and love races. The high that other runners talk about is like no other feeling I can describe.  Running is a hobby that I wish to carry on for life.

As easy and dandy as I am describing this to be right now, I have found it particularly difficult to find my running groove, I have tried the couch to 5K program on countless occasions but have invariably failed since I tired too hard or not hard enough. I have gone back and forth with running many times in the last two years

I tried the couch to 5K in 2009 and failed since I never completed.

Then I tried c25K in June 2010 and failed again.

However, something happened this year (2011) and it really worked, I could run without dying. The only thing I would say that worked for me was consistency and sticking to the program despite some setbacks. But now I can say that I am not only a healthy and active person but also a runner (squeal with excitement).

This whole process of running has helped me decipher the fine difference between pain, discomfort and laziness. In addition it has also taught me how to push myself,  set a goal and work diligently toward to it. I love to plan and make lists, and creating a plan for my next upcoming race thrills me.

07.03.2011: Pilot fireball 5K (36:19) (An evening race)

05.14.2011:Run for Clean Air (37:05)


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